Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beefed up Phone Plan

I bought my HTC phone on September 6. I love it and I'm still adjusting to it. After a week, I was pulled out from my afternoon weekday sleep when a Globe personnel called me. I was so pissed that I forgot to put my phone on silent mode, but I was so furious with what he had to say.

He called to remind me that my bill has reached 10,000 thousand pesos and he noticed that my bill has always been consistent ranging from 1000 to 2000/month only. It was in his good graces to call and verify with me if I was aware of the internet charges that jacked up my phone bill. Naturally, I had a violent reaction, but I was already too awake to consider sleeping. I told him that I only use my new phone when there's free Wi-fi and I only seemed to use 3g once, but I swore I always make sure that I turn off online connectivity when there is no need. I have heard horror stories about internet charges from friends and there is no way I'm paying 10,000 pesos.

He advised me to verify if my connectivity is off and proceed to the Globe Business center to lobby for amnesty. I didn't know what he was talking about. I called up Mitch and asked him to help him configure my phone. I went to Fort early and made him fix it. He urged me to settle it with Globe immediately. The next monday, I went to the nearest Globe business center and verified that 8,000 pesos was due to internet charges I was not aware off. The in-house network engineer configured my phone and promised that they would re-compute and asked me to come back the following week after my cutoff.

After two weeks, good news is that the charges stopped, but the bad news is the PHP 8,000 reported internet charge is still lurking. I went to the Globe Business Center again to finally change my plan and settle my phone bill. But when I went there they admitted that they have not fully recomputed the amount I would have to pay for the internet charges. So I just paid my call charges and asked them to recompute and reflect what I have to pay in next month's bill. After that's settled, I asked them to add additional plans to my account. I added MYSUPER DUO and MY SUPER SURF.

When I was in the states, my mother registered me to MYUNLI TEXT. I get to have unlimited texts to fellow globe subscribers for a month for PHP 349 Pesos. But I'm hardly a text person, so I wanted to add MYSUPERDUO. For this, I get to have unlimited calls to Globe Subscribers and Landline for only 599 pesos. And of course, I got MYSUPERSURF to make sure for 1,200 pesos I get to have unlimited internet anytime. Now my phone plan is already beefed up. I got what really mattered to me. For unlimited text, mobile and landline calls and internet access I would only be expected to pay PHP 2,148 pesos. Good deal since I have been usually paying that amount monthly anyways without the unlimited and internet features. I've learned about this before, but why did it take me this long to change my plan? Laziness, lack of time and unwillingness perhaps.

Now my mobile plan is beefed up for my new phone and my new life. This is such a huge help and thanks to Globe for stepping up. No more second phones for me. I'm now just waiting on my next month's bill. I hope I won't have any violent reactions.

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