Sunday, October 17, 2010

Food Highlights: Week 11-16

I'd be publishing food highlights every week. Food is one of my recharge agents on stress phases like this.

TUESDAY: I was driving on my way to work. I reached Fort and had an hour to spare. I called Mitch to invite him for my breakfast or for his dinner. He initially wanted to go home early, but he saw my car on the road and we decided to see each other at Serendra. I chose Conti's again.

Mitch got the Grilled Porkchops while I got Seafood Au Gratin.

Grilled Porkchops are nice and flavorful, but just like what you'd expect from a good tasting porkchop. What I really liked is their Seafood Au Gratin. It's seafood bits baked in cream and melty cheese, more of like a seafood casserole on top garlic rice with fried potato wedges.

Seaoof Au Gratin is yummy! It is just like a cheesy seafood casserole. You'll know it's sinful, but it's very fulfilling. I didn't find too much squid though. Seafood is mostly fish fillet, but it's still yummy!

Total bill is at 500 php.


I was ready to leave the house when Ate Ne told me that the scallops that my dad recently brought from Roxas was already cooked according to my specifications which would be baked in cheese, butter and garlic. I was shocked with excitement.

Whenever my dad goes home from Roxas, I would expect Seafood in our house for the entire week until we scream for meat. We always have shells, crabs and shrimps. My dad doesn't usually bring scallops, but because of my special request, he did.

Ate Ne cooked it nicely. It was cheesy, garlicky and buttery. I had more than 10 scallops and more than I cup of hot rice. It was a great way to start to my day right.


FIGARO: I wasn't able to get pictures then. My mind wasn't functioning due to lack of sleep. I had Chicken Ala Kiev and Arrabiata pasta. It was yummy. My colleagues got Chicken Kebab with rice and Chicken Fillet with Arrabiata. They enjoyed it. Visit Figaro and check it out.

Of course, BATCHOY at Ted's.


Tomorrow, I'm scheduled to meet Teresa, my colleague, in Greenhills. We plan to buy pasalubong for our Cincinnati counterparts. And you know what that means, lunch at Le Ching!! We are both fans. I can't wait.

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