Monday, October 4, 2010

My Hangover remedies

I seldom drink therefore I seldom get drunk. And to record all my buzzed moments, it only happens 70% of the time that I drink out with friends. Since my system is not made up to withstand alcohol, I'm pretty weak in this department. Two cocktail drinks of vodka and I'm done. And I don't drink beer by the way.

Last night, I attended an after dinner party and had Bacardi Apple with a mixture of Sprite. I had two cups and I felt buzzed. I had two more and I was talkative, obsessive compulsive and assertive with my opinions. I wasn't wild or anything but I was just expressive with my opinions. To be specific, I became a neat freak dictator.

It was a fun party and I wouldn't miss out on seeing familiar faces. But the morning after was horrible. I didn't have the expected headache, but I totally felt uncomfortable. I felt so dehydrated and I wanted to throw up. But instead, I had to drive my brother to his guitar lesson at 8:30 AM. After dropping him off, I my innards and stomach felt so weird so I looked for a restaurant to kill time and eat. I went to Goodah, a 24 hour Goto house near my brother's guitar school. I didn't care. I just had to kill my dehydration and hunger. Based on experience, food is the best hangover remedy for me.

But it wasn't easy. I finished two bottles of water. I forced to eat my bland meal just to get through, but I admit that after having a one-hour breakfast I remedy, I felt better. I picked up my brother, dropped him at home, went with my mom to the mall and had lunch with parents at Savory restaurant where I just love their tasty chicken. After Savory I had vanilla ice cream and I finally said goodbye to my stomach hangover. Food has always saved me in this situation.

Based from experience, I deal with stomach hangovers the natural way. Good food.

Top stomach-hangover meals that always work for me.

1. Purefoods Corned beef, scrambled egg and rice
2. Cold Lemon Iced tea
3. Tapsilog at Sinangag express
4. Savory Chicken
5. Vanilla Ice Cream
6. Sardines on hot rice
7. Molo Soup and Siomai
8. Black Coffee
9. Ice Cold Pineapple Juice
10. Bananas and Hersheys

Basically the rule is, whatever you feel your body wants to eat, you have to eat. Cravings are way to tell us what our bodies need. I once craved for Tomato Sardines on hot rice, but there was a leftover seafood Lo Mein in the fridge, one of my favorites. I ended up eating Lo Mein, but the hangover didn't go away. I had to ask Ate Ne to cook Tomato Sardines on hot rice and the problem was instantly solved. There must be some science into this.

I never want to experience this again. It was awful, but if I get drunk again, I know I have reliable remedies the morning after.

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Liam D said...

I've tried a lot of hangover cures, the one that works the best for me is zaca's hangover patch. Lots of things work, but it is definitely the easiest.