Sunday, October 17, 2010

Calm Saturday at home

I had a heavy work week and this weekend is my pitstop.

I got home at around 8 because after work, I still had breakfast with Team Mates at Boni High. Surprisingly, I find the breakfast food in Figaro very yummy. You guys should try it out. Of course when we were there, most people in restaurants are the runners and posh early risers walking their dogs. Their presence kind of slapped me in the face for being unfit. But I'll get to that topic really soon. But for now, my only motive is to relish my weekend and rest.

I was a race car driver in an almost vacant highway and got home after 15 minutes. I immediately went upstairs and slept from 9 am - 3 pm. I woke up due to the loud thunders, excessive gloom and the heavy rains. My room became like a cave. I like it dark and cozy. But this is also the kind of weather that gets me excited.

I took a shower bribed my sister to drive and go with me to the mall to get some food and fix my nails. As soon as the rain subsided, supposed to be from a super typhoone, we went to SM Bicutan to do our personal errands. For her to obligeI treated her to a mani-pedi session while I also enjoyed a new haircut. My bangs were getting on my nerves and I wanted it cropped as if it doesn't exist.

After the vanity session, I went passed by BookSale and saw treasures. I bought two new books from my two favorite authors whose works are semi-out of print and very hard to find. You could just imagine my joy. After that I bought pizza, doughnuts and Batchoy, a Filipino Noodle soup with Garlic and meat hailing from Visayas. At 7 pm, I went home and enjoyed dinner. My dad bought pizza as well. Then I went to my brother's room to piss him off only to find myself sleeping for 2 hours.

At 9 pm he woke me up so I could transfer to my room. I was in a deep sleep. It was hard for me to move. As soon as I reached my own bed, I slept again and woke up at 11 pm. I got hungry, went downstairs to get some food and here I am blogging while watching National Geographic's special on people getting framed up by unknowingly carrying drugs at the airport. My sister's out on a party and might go to the bar where my friend is spinning. Some are inviting me for coffee. Others are inviting me for a pig out. I kind of gauged my senses and I figured I'm happy in my pajamas, in my room, with my food, strong internet and books. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

I miss moments like these. There's a certain comfort and serenity to it. I don't have to be anywhere to relax and have fun. I'm feeling hibernation in the air. Tomorrow might be different, but I thank god I'm here. I thank god for the weekend. My grand vacation might be coming around, but I'm happy now where I am, here in my room on a Saturday night.

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