Monday, October 11, 2010

Comfort Food: Conti's Chicken Roulade

Ever since I got back here, I'm slumped with work. While most people have vacations in the weekends, my mind and body force me to stay at home. The thought of simple pleasures and being immobile are really tempting these days. I know this work stress won't last forever, but sometimes I need to do something to repel too much stress. On a work day, I chug like a train, but find simple pleasures in attainable sources of nourishment. Food.

Food comforts me in trying times. I know this is not a healthy mentality, but if I need to reward myself, I do it with food. If I need to comfort myself, good food takes me right on track. If I need to savor conversations and free time, food heightens the experience.

Last week, before going to work I had dinner with Jim in Conti's. It's a popular restaurant from the South. They were a little bit snooty before until they have spread their wings and branched out to more popular places in Greenhills, Fort and Makati where there's traffic. Their specialties are world class desserts and gourmet dishes. I've always loved their Baked Salmon, but I've recently tried their Chicken Roulade and it was equally heavenly.

I savored every bite while Jim and I share anxieties at work. I remember cooking Chicken Roulade once in Highschool Cooking class. It's bacon and cheese wrapped in chicken breast. It has coating and fried to perfection. But Conti's version is infused with herb, flavor and it's baked. Worth every penny.

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Anonymous said...

How much does the meal cost madam? thanks.