Sunday, October 10, 2010

Change Strategy: My Saturday So far

Wrong strategy. Wrong decision. Wrong move.

Once Friday hits, excitement and calm envelop me. Ever since I got back from my migration trip, every week has been draining and heavy at work. Weekends are like an oasis. It has been my personal moment to recharge, reconnect and relax. So no work related stuff is permitted as I'm only bound to catch up on sleep and only do things that I want to do. Call me selfish, but that's how it goes these days.

I was supposed to have a trip with my colleagues to Hong Kong today. I have a ticket and there was no reason for me to back out. But I have work deliverable and I realized I couldn't make it to the flight. I tried my best efforts to reschedule, but my ticket has restrictions. So I kissed Hong Kong goodbye and it was an easy decision. In Hong Kong I would not be able to catch up on sleep. I would walk, tour around and interact immensely. It wouldn't be my ideal vacation. There wouldn't be anything new for me to gain from the trip, so I just gave them my itinerary, the same one I used last January when I was there and just decided to rest and enjoy my weekend in Manila. Initially I planned to have a trip to Tagaytay to unwind, but the mind is willing, the energy isn't. So Manila it is and I'm just so glad that it's a weekend.

My team members decided to drink after work. They invited me but I begged off. I finished my work at 7 am, shut down my computer, grabbed my bag and drove off. One of the calming experiences I have is every Saturday morning realizing that the week is over. It's quiet, sunny and promising. It's a transition from work to relaxation. I love driving home at this point. I might have missed my Hong Kong Trip, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm going home.

But since it's a Saturday, I wouldn't want to waste my day sleeping and waking up in the late afternoon. I would've wasted spending time with loved ones. So, I decided to scrap off sleep since I'm feeling a little bit excited. I had a 15 minute nap and at around 11 am, I dressed up, did some house errands and met Mitch a little after lunch.

Mitch , who is ever understanding of my situation, vowed to always block off his Saturday for me. He felt our time together is always short. Though we try our best to see each other during the week days like breakfast at his place (when I go home) and dinner at Fort (when he goes home), it wasn't like before. So I really appreciate him bending down to my wishes for the day. I get to be a queen.

He knew I didn't have sleep today and he noted to manage my crankiness, which I really try. We drove at Fort and ate Chinese food at HapChan. We would've gone to Le Ching in Greenhills, but I was so hungry. After which we went to Serendra for a stroll. He found a Sugarfree Chocolate cake and he was so happy. But before buying the cake he agreed to go with me to Boni High to check out Fully booked and some stores. He was there being patient when suddenly it rained and we decided to just have coffee at Coffee Bean. The gloom and the rain made sleep attack me with passion. It was 5 pm and I felt I could sleep any minute. After coffee, Mitch had to some phone errands at Market Market while I struggled. I was beginning to get cranky, which wasn't right and fair.

***And I was so hungry and craving for Chinese. Wanton Noodles, Raddish Cake, Hakaw and Siopao for Mitch. Burp.

***Raining hard and gloomy all over. Uh-oh...Morpheus is getting me...

At around 6 pm, I asked Mitch to drive to Makati to check out Pet Express, an SM Pet Department store. I've been wanting to check that out for months now. I find it really quirky, novel and intriguing. Since I so love my dog and I've been addicted to upholding a certain lifestyle for him, I imagine this store to be perfect, grand and complete. We went past Buendia until we saw the SM Hypermarket, which was once Makro, in SLEX. We went to Pet Express and had a fun time shopping stuff for Harvey. And since Harvey has a big Pet Club Fiesta thing going on Sunday, I decided to buy him two new outfits, a new bed and a new toy. I've been such a bad master lately.

By the time we're done at Pet Express, on our way home at around 7 pm, I began to hallucinate and sleep. Mitch was still talking to me and I forced to answer sometimes. I didn't even know if I was answering his questions correctly. He felt sorry for me and decided that for next week we would change strategy. At 7 pm, I was completely useless and I decided to sleep for a couple of hours and to meet him at 9 pm. But when I went home I was knocked off. I quickly looked for Harvey, but he was out with my sister at Fort. So I just gave Harvey's bags to Ate Ne and slept at my room with my shoes still on. It was that serious. I suddenly woke up when I received a call at 10 pm and I had to be honest with Mitch that I couldn't make it. He understood and he just let me catch up on sleep.

I woke up at 2 am and now I can't sleep. Been organizing my closet for an hour now but I'm still recharged and awake. This is not the way to live. Though I'm relaxed, I wanted to maximize my time with people who care and matter to me. I have to change my strategy next Saturday. Not that I was relaxed today, but it was strange and inconsistent. For next weekend I would know what to do. I would sleep first, 4 hours a minimum and in the late afternoon I'll be recharged and fine until late in the evening. Then I could go live for 2 days with a normal clockwork. It has been fun, but it could've been better.

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