Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catching up

I'm catching up on blogging. It's quite obvious that for the past couple of days I'm lacking time. I may have the means and the passion, but my time is devoted to other additional activities, usually spontaneous ones. I may have been busy before, but not spontaneously busy if you know what I mean. Plans erupt, sudden responsibilities obstruct me and my hormones are engaging. That's the difference.


I'm sure most of you who have the time to read blogs and surf know about this certain incident in our very own Duty Free Philippines. A certain Mr. Boyet Fajardo, a "renowned" fashion designer whom I've never quite heard, had temper-tantrums inside the establishment. He caused a major scandal that reached the philippines blogosphere and primetime news channels. The story was, this renowned fashion designer was disappointed at a staff of Duty Free Philippines because of a verification procedure that he was required to undergo. Being that it was a regular procedure, he was asked for identification and other what-nots. Infuriarated for not being recognized, with bloodshot eyes, he started screaming profanities at the staff. Something like: "Don't you know who I am?" kind of drama.

He started to threat the staff to be fired on the spot. Apparently he boasted his strong political connections. The manager already went over and tried to appease him, to minimize the scandal, but Mr. Boyet Fajardo would not calm down. Like a raging bull, he started to condemn the whole establishment causing more public strains. He said he would only be appeased if he would be given a chance to slap the staff OR make the staff apologize in public...kneeling. To end the matter once and for all, the teary eyed staff knelt down and apologized.

Soon, the incident was in Youtube, the incident was talked about in blogs and it reached the news primetime channels like wildfire. The once "unknown" Boyet Fajardo is already popular.

His defense to the whole scandal? He was tired and hungry. Toss in the assumptions that he had a bad day or he was in some sort of influence. Toss even the possibility that the staff may have done something wrong.


I don't think so.

Number 1. Who the hell does he think he is? If people don't really recognize or know him, then there must be a really good reason why. His attitude sucks. Hungry or not hungry, no one has the right to act like God creating horrific scenes of master and slave. It's full of drama that we don't need to see in this time. He's not God, gosh, he's not even a full fledged popular designer.

Number 2. Raising ones voice and releasing occasional profanities may be expected. I am guilty of that sometimes. Staffs are already oriented to some degree and the level of understanding is always given to the customer. But the kneeling and the slapping demands are way below the belt. It only happens in soap operas and it should stay that way.

Number 3. So what if he has political connections? Is he always that kid running back to mommy if someone's pissing him off at class? One of the major things I hate in some people is the nerve to release threats just because they know this and that. They're using other people's name to advance their own self interests. Pathetic users are also Pathetic losers.

I do hope the staff takes this to the courts. Their dignity and self-esteem might be damaged from what Mr. Boyet Fajardo did, but at least they could be mature enough to deal with it the right way. And even though Mr. Boyet Fajardo has already made himself known nationwide, may he already rest in peace.


Philippine Internet use rises as reported by How cool is that? The world is getting smaller and smaller. Activities and transactions are getting more convenient. Social networking and interacting are getting more virtual. Who wouldn't like that.

PC makers and distributors are all over the place. Models and versions mushroom about with prices that are competitive enough to reach most of us, working class with only enough money to spare for gadgets and technology. And if there's a mushroom effect in equipments, expect software and internet connections brought by providers and telco companies to hoard us with their enticingly good products as well. Hell, if my parents are now suffering the net, the reach must have been that good.

HERE are the numbers:

According to AC Nielsen: Country's Internet users account 28% of the total 35 million urban population last year. About 70% of the Internet users are between 10-29 years old. Last year's internet, which stood 23% of the total urban population.

Internet usage is expected to expand 10% this year from the estimated 10 million internet users last year.

According to AC Nielsen Yahoo Net Index is an Internet media study of urban Internet users in the Philippines conducted in October-November last year in 22 major cities nationwide. It had a sample of 1,200 with respondents of 10 years old and above across all economic classes.

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