Saturday, March 7, 2009

WAAA! That word, legitimate or not, perfectly describes my raw feeling right now. I realize that I've spent my entire Saturday in the office. And just to drive home the point, looking out of the office windows, the sun has finally left me. Such a loser when I should have been doing a lot of things, more relaxing things. Now, I realize how badly I NEED a vacation.

But fine, vacation will come soon, pretty soon and I'm relishing all the anticipation.

And so to make matters easier, I went to Salcedo Park which is only a couple of blocks from my office building. My good officemate Jim accompanied me as I bought my lunch there. All I can say is, it's my type of bazaar. Food. Food and more food that you can't seem to find in staple restaurants and groceries. Hard to find goodies sold and created by homemade food concessionaires occupy the spacious parking lot. From native dishes to international ones, it is the bazaar for foodies. I even got presents there, sugarfree goodies for Mitch and my dad. No matter how hot it was during lunch time, I had such a blast eating smooth ice cream while waiting for my Hungarian sausage to be cooked. Even though I spent a grueling 500 bucks for food (Cups of nasi goreng, hungarian sausage and couple of sugarfree leche flans) it made spending Saturday at the office easier.

After that, I went to work and got to read a couple of sites without any guilt creeping up on me. I even had the full control of our pantry, where I watched classic singers in a game segment in Wowowee. I got to see whatever happened to singers that were such big hit makers in the 90's like Chad Borja, Richard Reynoso, Geneva Cruz, Dingdong Avanzado and my favorite Rachel Alejandro. Well some mapped a disappointing turn of events in their faces (Whatever-happened-to their cuteness kind of thing). Some are proudly focusing on their new careers and some are still trying hard (desperately) to make a comeback. Each singer was introduced and all of them were given a few minutes to perform the classic songs they've popularized. I swear, I found myself remembering the words and singing along. I was probably in gradeschool when their songs gained popularity, but it's only now that I get to fully appreciate their meaning. Songs like "Paalam na" "Salamat" "Nakapagtataka" are such OPM classics that have hard core meanings. These songs are not some kind of songs that just depend on the beat and arrangement. Songs in the 90's, specifically OPMs, are really good. Sure that these 90's hit makers change for the better or for the worse, but I'm glad to find out that once they have belted the classics in that show, the songs came to life better than before.

Then I went back to work, of course. I surfed the net while humming Rachel Alejandro's "Paalam Na." I even had the sudden urge to call Tracy, a college friend of mine, who strictly reminds me of Rachel Alejandro. The resemblance is uncanny. She could be a sister or a daughter or a twin. I forgot to return her call a couple of days ago. Well, I guess now is the perfect time.

After reading a couple of blogs about Francis Magalona, may he rest in peace, I fought the urge to drive to Greenbelt and just stay there for the meantime. The tempting afternoon sun with my hot cafe vanilla beats being cramped in my desk waiting for the files to arrive. I would've been more productive and relaxed there, but the mere thought that I had to seriously cut unnecessary expenses pulled the breaks. I went to C howking instead and got their new dessert fit for summer, which is the Mango Tapiocca. It's reminiscent of the Mango Crema Ice Craze pulled out by Jollibee. I haven't forgiven Jollibee, but Chowking's proved to be yummy enough. Each spoonful of luscious mangoes, sago and crushed ice helped eased my day.

And since I can't view any other entertaining sites in my office laptop, which includes social networking sites (there goes my plan to update), I had to pull Harriet out, my ever reliable HP mini net book. She, as always, made my boring stay in the office funner. Anyways, my file hasn't arrived yet and Mitch just called me for dinner. I guess with all the activities that happened today, going to work on Saturdays ended up to be frustrating, but bearable. I guess this is it for now. It's time to log off and head home.

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