Friday, March 20, 2009

Prelude to a Vacation

As soon as my last meeting's done, finished some reports and handed over documents to my boss, I went down with a couple of colleagues, had coffee while I imagining the sight of home. Officially, I'm on leave today.

Pathetic to some but simple things like this at the end of a grueling work week is considered a treat for me. I can do things that I really miss like reading, writing, arranging my bookshelf for the nth time, playing online games till I rot, go malling and just to do something that doesn't require deadlines, business process or late meetings.

My friend whom I've chatted with suggested that I go to my favorite hangout place and have coffee while reading. Spa addicts wanted me to pamper myself by going obviously to the SPA, have my nails done and go to the parlor. Others suggested that I should go malling and hence shop. Going to a less than urban recluse would've been great only if I'm not going alone and I'm not the designated driver. A large chunk of me however just wanted to stay home in my pajamas, read and not do anything requiring too much mental or physical effort.

But knowing me, as much as I'd love to observe and stare all day, I wouldn't be able to do that. I'd cringe at the lost minutes. Since I have free time, I might just go to the nearest mall to pay the bills and get some take out for a planned lunch with my brother. I can be equally productive and relaxed. Maybe in the afternoon, after sleeping and pigging out of course, I could go to the salon and get some foot spa or something. I haven't stared at my toes for quite some time now. I'd like to know if there are certain things that I need to adhere to. With financial strictness that I uphold, I might skip shopping for things that I think I need and just walk Harvey instead. Lastly, I could finally go to the other house and transport my book collection to my ever-so bare room. I was asking for a free day for this, now that I have it there is no time to waste. DVD marathon, blogging non stop, getting take outs, doing some cooking experiments are easy contenders. The key is to do productive, but relaxing things. So far, I have a good list with me.

A day without work and stress is my prelude to lined up vacations for the summer. I might not be an entire fan of this season. Too much sun is essentially bad for my skin and my temper, but I do love the excuse it brings to file for that vacation leave and roam around. Somewhere near, somewhere far I couldn't care less. As long as I'm relaxed yet not wasting precious minutes to the bone, then consider me a very happy girl.

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