Sunday, March 15, 2009

PInay Women on Top

Women seen as subordinates and only purely domestic goddesses is a thing of the past. Thank God we have more avenues and more capabilities to do what we want in any field we choose, commanding equal respect and admiration from our male counterparts. We now have a voice and we maximize it however we can. In all things we doe we always want to always be 'on top.'

Pinay Bosses transcend from the domestic environment to the professional arenas. It's not surprising for anyone to know that women can hold executive offices, can be the CEO's themselves, an influential and domineering leader of an organization or much more a president of a country. Take our country which hosts women in almost half of the entire senate body, reporting to one country president, who is in fact a woman.

It's not surprising that :

THE Philippines ranked first globally in terms of having the most number of women in senior management positions in corporations, based on a survey conducted by accountancy and advisory firm Grant Thornton International.

The survey, which covered 7,200 privately held businesses (PHBs) in 36 economies, said 47 percent of senior corporate posts in the Philippines are currently occupied by women.

This is way above the global average of 24 percent.(business mirror)

Russia, Thailand, Poland and China trail behind.

Women prove to be efficient and equally important to mold corporations and organizations. We have our own abilities and innate qualities that balance the world once dominated by men. In fact, pinay bosses are so accepted here and so needed that finding a corporation with an all-men management team, I believe, is a hoax. Too much testosterone is bad, figuratively and literally.

Allow me to prove this highly true once I get promoted.

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