Thursday, March 12, 2009

If I had those arms

Sadly this is the only decent time that I would get to blog about some random thoughts and news reactions I've been keeping for the past four days. I haven't been doing anything lately aside from work. I'm slowly transforming into a couch potato right now, well looking like a couch really. It has been totally hectic at work with lots of issues and outages, which seriously I should stop talking about because I have other opinions to discuss and it involves a person's fashion sense.

Don't worry. I'm not going to talk about fashion per se. Hell, I am the last person to discuss that particular subject. But this is about a woman and her fashion sense that seems to be creating a global discussion veering on the nonsensical. It's about First Lady Michelle Obama's arms. Yes, you read that correctly, arms. Of all the economic recession, killing sprees and environmental turmoils, in the realm of fashion there is something one"relevant" thing to talk about.

Michelle Obama as most of us perceive is a woman of substance. She is definitely not a simpleton. If she was not a first lady, she would've been a full-time kick-ass lawyer, has her own private limo, attending power lunches with her girlfriends, having dinner with her husband and attending PTA meetings of her kids in between board meetings with clients. She is definitely a go-getter and God forbid someone stands in her way.

Emanating that much power is scary. But good thing she is also intelligent, a mother and a modern lady that could understand the current plight of society, share her thoughts about it, make bold and intelligent actions while prioritizing her family as a woman is expected to do.

Being a role model for women, she is all that until some critics bash her fashion sense. Technically, there is nothing wrong with her fashion sense. As I was sifting through her pictures, her outfits aren't tasteless and over the edge at all. Her clothes are mostly tailored, simple, modern and very classy. It's a dress most women, even I could wear. Her fashion sense is relatable until some critics tell her to cover up.

The level of coverage critics think she should impose is quite different when you're just a simple Jane. For normal people like us, we have the ultimate public freedom to dress whatever we like. We are accountable for our own actions and reputations. Honestly, people wouldn't care less about what I wear and it's as not as if I'm affecting the state of the nation. But according to reports, if you're the highest political figure representing the country, a certain dress decorum should be upheld. Naturally the reigns of creativity and self expression are limited to a minimum. First ladies are not expected to dress vulgarly and be seen in clothes that could build up a negative image of the person and of the country. That's understandable and that's agreeable. But everytime I look at Michelle Obama's photos in simple cut dresses, with solid colors and classic cuts, I cannot for the life of me think of it as inappropriate. Oh right, there's this one thing that makes conservative and traditionalist irky. Her penchant for wearing sleeveless that showcases her fabulously toned arms.

Well, I would showcase them too if I had those arms. Right now I would be irking with envy, but not of annoyance. Michelle Obama's arms are sculpted, which projects that with all her responsibilities that demand mental and physical efforts, she still has the time and consideration to be active. Her toned and sculpted arms tell the world that health has always been one of her personal priorities. It tells us that we should all work out despite our schedules. And it also tells us not bother her with stupid things like this.

Probably that is the reason why traditionalists and critics get queasy. They might be intimidated by Michelle Obama's arms that could easily beat them up if they don't shape up. Others might not able to control their envy and build negative facts about how those arms are achieved. In short, they feel the first lady is too modern and too bold for their taste. They even asked her cover up from time to time.

For what, I ask? If I have Michelle Obama's arms, it is mine to flaunt and mine to display in a classic and modern fashion. As long as I'm not representing women who do not wear underwears and allow nip slips to occur for the whole world to feast on then I should be perfectly fine. I don't think her arms disgust me either. What seeing it does to me is to motivate me to exercise and be the all modern woman like she is. I may be complaining about my schedule and work load to avoid excersie, but she is the active First Lady with fabulously toned arms. There's sometheing wrong with that. I believe that is not fair. I should even be ashamed.

Naturally this received less consideration from the First Lady. She is the type of woman who would wear something that looks good on her, that is appropriate and that is to her liking. Sleeveless or not, she will wear what she pleases. To know if it has sleeves or not should be far from our concerns. She will not be dicated and she will not be boxed in the cardboard cut-outs of what first ladies wear. As long as she serves her good constituents, produces sounder solutions and protect human rights, then I think people shouldn't care if she goes strapless or not. Please, doing her job while looking good is something all women could relate to. It is a minor topic, but I hope the "arms issue" will be dropped because the more they criticize her, the more restricting and stupid it sounds.

Good thing Michelle Obama has beautiful arms to showcase and represent the freedom and the prowess of a modern woman. It could serve her another purpose as well. It spells, let's get to work and to not mess with me. Frankly it saves a lot of drama.

This would be the last time I would have to comment on what she wears. As long as she's not showcasing private parts and representing women in a bad way then I shouldn't care less what color or cut she chooses to wear. In fact, I think she should continue to wear what her fashion sense dictates to drive home the point that there is more to the world that her beautifully scultped arms. Unfortunately, people dying because of envy and intimidation is the least of her worries.

Let’s face it: The only bracing symbol of American strength right now is the image of Michelle Obama’s sculpted biceps. Her husband urges bold action, but it is Michelle who looks as though she could easily wind up and punch out Rush Limbaugh, Bernie Madoff and all the corporate creeps who ripped off America. (The

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