Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Super Sunday

I forgot to share that I had a glorious and productive Sunday last weekend that left me feeling happy till the moment I fell asleep. The difference of my recent Sunday compared to my usual Sundays is glaring I’m used to having the day’s steady flow, which means uneventful, chill, quiet, usually spent in front of the computer, catching up on reading and blending with the environment in the hopes of recharging for the next work week. My Sunday is usually spent at home doing lazy things, going to mass with family and having dinner with them. The only variety comes from Mitch’s random visits, again doing nothing, or an occasional coffee invite in our nearby village. Anything beyond that would be a party.

Apparently that was what happened last weekend. First, for some reason, I woke up light. I had a complete 8 hours of good sleep and had a great breakfast of freshly cooked corn with melting butter. After that, I had a call from Mitch telling him that he would pass by before lunch before he gets his computer from Greenhills. While I was on my way to take a bath, my mother was in a giddy mood. Her personality is not like that at all. It’s either something’s gone completely wrong or completely right. More than anything, I was amused. She wanted me to search for possible resorts for our upcoming trip to Bohol this weekend, a mini detour from our Cebu Trip. Blame it on endorphins or wild imagination, but I instantly became energized and giddy too. I searched and made her view the resorts that I think are the best in Bohol.

I left her to her own surfing, took a bath and was so giddy to invite my brother to join me for a lunch out. My brother, who never really comes with me on his own free will unless I present an additional bribe, greatly obliged only if we eat at his favorite, Sinangag Express. Good choice. Cheap and fulfilling.

After my bathing regimen I met Mitch and played with Harvey. While we were talking about our upcoming summer trips, I realized that I have to save up for pocket money. Since I’ve just recently settled all hotel and transportation expenses, my other credit card expenses and additional bills, I realized that I’m left with 0 amount of moolah for other expenses. I quickly got my calendar and mentally financed my two remaining paydays to squeeze in my three trips worth of pocket money. Having bombarded myself with figures, I bade goodbye to Mitch and took my brother out for lunch.

My brother, aside from Mitch, is one of my regular food buddies. It’s not a secret that I love to treat people with food. I just love to dine out and seriously all my money and added fat are attributed to this one luxury that I have. After lunch, I dragged him to the nearby coffee shop to have dessert. That move was already premeditated since Mitch and I had coffee there the previous night after his mom stuffed us with wonderfully cooked spicy tuna pasta and taco salad for Saturday’s dinner. I vowed that I would try the banana crepe with ice cream soon, and that “soon” was the day the after.

My brother ended up ordering for a Frappe, which ended up disappointing him. The fool thinks that all Frappe would taste like Starbuck’s, so he ended up sharing the huge serving of banana crepe with me instead.

After the quick dessert fix, we decided to go home. And on our way home we passed by a relatively new establishment called DOG HOUSE. I’ve planned on checking the place out months before but didn’t have the time or the chance. Since Harvey, my JRT pup, has already completed his vet visits, there is on reason for me to bring him to clinics and pet stores. He doesn’t need extensive grooming and he happily chews and plays everything that I give him. For a dog, he’s very less maintenance, which I like. However, ever since I started owning dogs, aside from Bookstores, appliance stores and groceries, I find myself treading towards pet stores in malls and anywhere at random. I like looking at dogs that are about to have a new home, that’s one. Second, I like to tinker and canvass at other dog products and get amazed how complicated and how diverse their needs are. Third, I like to see dogs with their owners shop and get groomed. These particular interests I think come with having a dog. Well, at least in my case.

My brother and I entered Dog House and saw a couple of dogs being groomed with full equipment. I saw gourmet foods and other products that Harvey would definitely like. Endorphins shot up and I urged JD to go home with me to get Harvey. Upon reaching home, after a couple of hours, my mother was still possessed by internet, as JD, my aunt and I, got in the car with Harvey. We decided to pass by the nearby wet market to buy a couple of hard to find ingredients for “ginataan.” After that we treaded towards Dog House to get Harvey’s nails cut (a must!) and his ears cleaned.

I was supposed to bring my camera to capture the moment, but forgot, and just loaded the memory of Harvey squirming like a piglet trying to get loose. Even though he’s not biting nor barking, he gets so squirmy that he tends to drive the groomers crazy with his antics. But when they got to his ears, he calmed down and watched TV instead. For a clean nail cut and ears cleaning, I paid 100 bucks for it, and added a meat stick for his treat. I paid 135 pesos for everything, which is essentially within budget.

After the quick pet trip, Mitch informed me that he got a router from Greenhills and he would drop by the house to install it. Finally, I said. That has been planned for so long and we just didn’t have the time and initiative to prioritize it. Upon seeing my mother who was still entranced at the resorts after roughly 4 hours of surfing, Mitch arrived and quickly set up the router for our immediate use. Another accomplished task for all of us.

After an hour, we went to mass and ate dinner at Omakase in Alabang, much to my sister’s prodding and harassing. I stuffed myself silly with their usual Spicy tuna salad, American Dream and Sensui Bento, which I shared with my mom. This restaurant guarantees a euphoric experience. After that, we quickly went to Starbucks, and thank god I wasn’t driving back home. I would’ve easily fallen asleep with a heavy stomach.

On our way home, I decided to be dropped off at a Friend’s house to have a quick chat and R&R. We randomly planned our vacations and we’re excited on the upcoming developments. After the visit, she dropped me home at around 10 in the evening and I tested the router googling conveniently with Harriet in my brother’s room. My mother informed me that our reservation’s been confirmed in one of the swankiest and funky boutique hotels in Bohol. Thank god, she picked the right one. Although the hotel is not quite new to me since Bags and I already went there before, but I wouldn’t have any other accommodations. The luxurious interiors with profound earthy characters that boast tranquility and privacy closed the deal for me. That I would discuss once April sets in, that belongs to the travel blog edition. With the effect of intense carbo overload from sushis and maki’s I had for dinner, I decided to postpone blogging for that night to make way to a take on blissful sleep.

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