Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Facebook Quiz

For some reason, I click on FACEBOOK because of the weird to amusing to downright serious collection of quizzes it has in store. I don't pass by my profile page and I rarely view and read other people's updates. It requires a specific mood for me to pry on willing information.

Anyways, I like those quizzes because I'm the type who likes to answer them. I like to be asked about random to mundane things and end up with a result that explains my personality, intellect or instincts. Quizzes like that crack me up. It also blissfully kills time for me. Imagine a book of quizzes instead a book of crossword puzzles while waiting at the airport. Now that's fun.

Although, I know it's just an attempt to explain whatever aspect that the quiz wants to know about you. Sometimes it's even a revelation to yourself. But just like horoscopes those quizzes aren't scientific. It just programs your mind to believe in something that you think you know or you desire. It's tricky.

Informative? Maybe. Scientific? I doubt. Obvious? Usually. Fun? Hell Yeah.

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