Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A couple of things

I'm kind of annoyed that I haven't watched DRAG ME TO HELL yet. There were opportunities last weekend, but something always came up. I've asked a couple of friends that I could bear watching movies with, but most of them declined. I even had to bribe them with free popcorn.

A horror movie is not such an easy genre to sell. The results are just two things. It could scare the shit out of you or waste money by watching complete crap. Either way, it's a big risk. I thought I've seen the light when I finally bribed my brother and cousin for a healthy lunch in Flapjacks in exchange for going with me. Horror movies are always fun when you're with kids, only to find out that my cousin will not be allowed to watch. I was this close to arguing that my young cousin is beyond her years and she can perfectly handle a good fright. She watches Exorcism while playing with her Barbies for crying out loud. But no. I had to go with the Majority vote, which means spending it in TIMEZONE.

Since I would be covering the graveyard shift this coming Thursday and Friday, I would watch this with my brother or even alone, during the daytime if have to. I've seen good reviews, and I'm not watching this on DVD. I would have to either love it or hate it in theaters. I believe this is the only window of opportunity that I have because my upcoming weekend will be so unpredictable. Drag Me To Hell? I'll drag my butt to the theater house for starters.


Last week, crazy thunderous rain, the sound that would disturb anyone in their sleep, happened on consecutive nights. Insane heavy traffic for at least Wednesday and Thursday made me feel grateful that I stayed at the office. But it was quite unfortunate for my Cebu relatives who were here. They were mostly stuck at home enjoying late night shows and each others' company. In fact, it was not advisable to go out last week. Period.

Last Saturday while my family and relatives in Cebu had a chance to go to a nearby mall, I had to go to Makati work. I figured of taking them out to FIC Ice Cream Bar after dinner since the movie idea was already scratched off my list due to age-reasons of my designated company. But I saw the gloomy skies and warned me of things to come. So after work, I decided to stop by Rustans Magallanes and bring the my own "FIC ice cream bar" to them instead.

I bought three gallons of ice cream (not FIc, unfortunately) a mixture of BTIC and Magnolia. I bought chocolate syrup, belgian waffles, milk, marshmallows, bananas and wafer sticks. For the midnight snack, I bought 400 bucks worth of hungarian sausages and Bravo Italian Garlic Dip. All in all I racked up a total of 1,500 bucks worth of wonderful "junk foods."

*The FAT ME UP sundae: 2 scoops of Vanilla, 2 scoops of Strawberry, banana slices, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, waffle and a choice of sweetened Belgian Waffle or Krispy Kreme cheesecake doughnut.

When I got home I saw a box of Krispy Kremes waiting. As soon as we finished eating dinner, I started my experimentation. I made 8 sundaes, some milk shakes and left them on a sugar-high. After the sugar rush, we played poker, drank some wine and ate those spicy hungarian.

Unfortunately the hungarian supply didn't last the entire weekend, but the dessert did even sharing the sugar and fats to a neighbor friend and Mitch.

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