Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vacation 101: Come Again to Camiguin and CDO

I recently had a vacation in Camiguin. I learned few things about the island. So for those who are planning to get enchanted by it, here are some few pointers that might prove useful.


  • If you plan to head out to Camiguin, you need to book the earliest flight to Cagayan De Oro to arrive in Camiguin before lunch.
  • Once you land at Cagayan De Oro there are taxis outside of the airport that are metered. These taxis will take you to any point of CDO or specifically 2 places for Camiguin bound: CDO Pier where you could ride the convenient Paras Sea Cat fast craft for a faster and more convenient travel experience . Or to the Agora Bus Terminal if you want a cheaper and longer travel time via Bus. The taxi ride would cost you (on both options) less than 200 as opposed to the 350 fixed rate of Airport Taxis. Also, Taxi models in CDO are newer rangin from the 2004 Altis to the 2009 Altis.
  • IF you want to take the faster and most convenient way to Camiguin, go to the CDO Pier and buy tickets for the Paras Sea Cat. The Paras Sea Cat leaves at 8:30 am sharp bound for Camiguin and for your return trip, 3:30 pm sharp bound for CDO. The cost ranges from 400 (open air) to 600 (air-conditioned VIP). It would take 2 hours and 30 minutes tops to get you to Camiguin Port. The Paras Sea Cat also travels to Bohol. Check the schedules.
  • If you are on a tight budget and want to take the more adventurous route, the air-conditioned and well maintained Buses in Agora Terminal would take you to Balingoan port where you would ride the bigger, older and rustic ship or "lansta" to Camiguin. The travel on bus to Balingoan Port is around 2 hours, which is followed by the travel from Balingoan Port to Camiguin Port with more or less 1 hour and 30 minutes. Bus fee is 130 pesos, tricycle fee going to Balingoan Port is 10 pesos each, and 120 for the ship going to Camiguin Port. In more or less 4 hours expect yourself in Camiguin.


  • In Camiguin it is recommended to hire a multi-cab or a van to go around. Since Camiguin has various tourist spots, it's not advisable to commute from one tourist spot to the next. Most of the multi-cabs on the road are already rented and it would take a while to hitch a ride since Camiguin is like one big two-lane highway. Usually 2 thousands bucks are what the multi-cab operators would ask for a day long trip in various destinations for a day. This includes the tour and the gas. It's just up to you to haggle.
  • Hiring a certified tour guide is not needed. The drivers of the multi-cab already know the major tourist spots in Camiguin since the island is just relatively small.
  • You could literally tour the major tourist spots in one day.
  • The people of Camiguin are conservative, but very accommodating and friendly.
  • They are speaking in Bisaya tongues.
  • Camiguin is safe. You could walk at night feeling secure.
  • Boat to White island is 400-500 bucks round trip.
  • Souvenirs of pastel could be easily found in Mambajao. If there are no time, CDO has plenty.
  • Paras Beach Resort is one of the best resorts in Camiguin with 1,900 pesos for their cheapest rooms.
  • If you're on a budget, check in at the cottages for half the price, complete with cable TV, bathroom and airconditioning.
  • People live off on Sari-Sari Stores
  • ATM is only found in Mambajao
Cagayan De Oro

  • CDO is a sufficient city. From CDO pier, the metered taxi could take you to your hotel for 200 bucks only.
  • Preferably get the hotel nearest to LimketKai mall, one of the main malls in CDO. In this area there are bars, upscale restaurants, fastfood chains and coffee shops. Try Discovery Hotel, Mallberry or Pearlmont Inn.
  • Allot at least one whole day for extreme sports in CDO.

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adventurousfeet said...

wow, sobrang informative, thanks for sharing! im planning to visit cdo and camiguin this oct luckily i found this site :)