Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Left 4 Dead Images

I already made a couple of posts of how I became Ga-ga over this new online co-op RPG game. This game in fact evolved into my certified bonding time with friends and siblings. I still can't get enough of it.

Look what I have stumbled upon the net:

These are the original images of the Left4Dead Characters. I think these were not released.

Francis is too hairy for me.
Louis looks like a character that you wouldn't mind dying instantaneously.
Bill looks like a rich gentleman playing war in his late life crisis.
Zoey looks too calm and might have been praying for a time like this.

No wonder they didn't go with this.

Now, this is is more like it.

Francis on the original release looks like your ordinary guy with more spunk minus the hair. He is a passable tattoo artist who has more to offer.

Bill now looks like a real war veteran that means business and actually knows what he's doing.

Zoey looks she could actually kick ass without the added angst drama.

And Louis looks like he is highly interesting to play with. Your ordinary guy turned into survival mode.

Now they all look normal and easier to relate with. In this type of game, images matter.

And now I'm itching to play Left 4 Dead 2. My brother and sister have already been waiting for it when I was still starting to love the original game.

And I believe this is how the new characters will look like in Left 4 Dead 2.

I swear I thought it was Edward Norton (Suit guy) on the cover.

Why is it always limited to 4? Can it be at least 10 wherein you could get to choose your own characters? Either you become the butcher, the businessman, the scholar, the actress, the pilot etc? Then all characters possess different abilities/strengths that could work against the infected?

I wonder, what have become of the original characters? I hope they inject more into it, plot-wise.

Nevertheless, this is interesting. I can't wait.

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