Sunday, June 21, 2009


I've noticed that it's been a week since I wrote here. Whatever happened?

Well I was busy with work, that's one. I had to relocate desks and adjust plus the fact that I had to attend late night conference calls which really drag me down. The result of this is waking up late and going home late. I had no time to surf anymore even at the office.

In between, leisure time was involved spending time with friends and colleagues. At least I reserved a room for that. Eating out, spending money, that sort of thing. It's more expensive than going straight at home and surf, but the new environment with interesting conversations could be relaxing too. I just had to shut off my brain and surrender to nature.

What else? I think that was about it. Nothing spectacular and nothing interesting, but not overly dull either. I felt I was busy, but listing down the limited activities I think I was just taken away. One week is fine, I hope this coming week would be better.

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