Thursday, June 11, 2009

I condemn Suicide Bombing

I condemn suicide bombers who kill civilians and innocent people. What would have they achieved by doing that? Absolutely nothing. They might want to instill fear and impose warning for people to back off, but seriously the whole world's looking and the whole world would not back off because for us, we don't see any positive message and sense in killing people. In fact, we are more likely to infiltrate and put some sense to those who brainwash people to blow themselves up for a false cause. They're hurting themselves and up hurting innocent people.

Suicide bombing will never be a way to achieve change and sense. It's cowardly. It's hurtful and unintelligent. Is that the only message that they want to send? Because if it is, then we've heard enough and frankly it's condemnable and stupid. And even if there's a tiny sense beyond the act, well I'm afraid suicide bombing is highly ineffective.

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