Saturday, June 27, 2009

Remembering the Time: Michael Jackson

So I guess by now the world has already heard about Micheal Jackson's death last June 25, 2009 at exactly 2:15 pm in US time. That would be dawn in Philippines time, but the news went to me straight when my affected mother went into my room to ask me if I'm going to work and proclaimed that Michael Jackson is dead. I admit I couldn't make the connection at first. What does Michael Jackson have to do with the mundane activities in my life? And Michael Jackson, the living legend actually touched by death?

On my way to work, it was confirmed by local radio stations that the brilliant artist that I have known since I was a kid and most international artist look up to is dead. He is not merely a popular international artist. He is more than any member of N Sync or the Backstreet Boys put together. Spice Girls are just treading behind. He has progressed into something untouchable that bears the number one torch of a solid and universal entertainer that is loved across continents, countries, culture and religion. His music is more than just bubblegum pop. It is intelligent and could be heard by many generations. He is considered the icon with all the other music icons who have been given the title. The honor itself is already high, but he is a legend and an icon of all icons to me.

I love Michael Jackson. Back then when CDs were the "only in" thing in music, I took possession of his HIStory Album that my dad bought. I would listen to all CDs and really appreciated his songs closely. "The way you make me feel" followed by "Black and White" and "Stranger in Moscow" were my usual sequence in that album. But before he became really big, he is already a familiar artist in our household. My parents and I may have different artistic preferences, but we are all listeners of his music. I even noticed that he got whiter and whiter and I remembered asking my parents if he really is the brother of Janet Jackson when I began singing her song "Let's Wait Awhile" in my cassette tape. I thought maybe one of them is adopted. But seriously, do we immediately remember him as Black? As far as I'm concerned, we remember him greatly as "white."

True enough as great as his musical powers were, so was his indulgence to his own fantasies that will now be put to rest. I may love him as an artist and I might be one of those who would watch his concerts, but I can't say the same for his life outside music. For that, I just read the news, ponder, shed a cent or two, and move on. I believe whatever scandals he has been through, nothing could top his artistic achievements anyways.

I'm sure with all his death, hundreds of blogs and documentaries will erupt. Even now, browsing through online pages all I see are headlines of Michael Jackson. In TIME, in Manilatimes, in NYTIMES, it's all about Michael Jackson. Even in death he is a global news that might have reached the pope and make him pray for his soul. I wouldn't be surprised if the pope might even be a secret fan. I'm sure international artists especially those who have been inspired by him would shed a tear and take part of a remembrance concert singing his songs that will forever make him immortal. This year is a sad night for all fans, listeners, critics, producers and advocate of music. I do agree that we had a great loss on that one.

Some of my Michael Jackson Moments:

1. Took possession of HIStory album that my dad bought. He was about to bring it to Roxas City when I secretly kept it and until now he still has no idea where it is.

2. I have memorized a couple of his songs. My favorites are:
  • The Way you Make me Feel
  • Man in the Mirror
  • I just can't stop loving you
  • Black and White
  • Remember the Time
  • They don't really care about us
  • Scream
  • Stranger in Moscow
3. I know my friends were kind of taken a back but I did develop a crush on Michael Jackson for a bit. His White shirt, curly hair, black slacks, white socks, shimmering jackets and black loafers era. The time when he could pass off as a normal looking person. My infatuation intensified after watching the MTV of Do You Remember The Time set in ancient Egypt. I really wished I was the supermodel Iman.

4. I'm a sucker for his hiccups.

5. The song You are not Alone is cheesy but useful in trying times.

6. I now pity my younger brother for not growing up with his music. He missed a lot.

I'm sure a lot of people would still want a piece of him. There would be a lot of speculations and reports which caused his death. There might be historical documentaries and people paid to talk on live TV. Regardless, Michael Jackson is a musical legend and I'd rather we focus on his magnificent music. I hope he's at peace now.

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Blueberries said...

Remember the Time is my #2nd favourite song & video from Michael. He looked sooo good in the video, I'm jealous of Iman too:) I am very sad he's gone, I just can't believe it. I'll be missing you Michael.Always.