Monday, June 29, 2009

Ice Cream Love: Chocolate Truffles

Last Sunday morning, after hearing mass alone, I decided to stop by a nearby grocery store to buy a few feminine stuff. I already had a rough estimate of what I would buy so I didn't withdraw extra cash. I was sifting through aisles and got what I needed until I found myself in the ice cream section. I peeked without any intention of buying. Let's just say I was curious of what stock they have. Lo and behold I saw a double tub pack of Selecta's most sought after Chocolate Truffles and Berry Strawberry Ice cream.

I paused. I looked. I stared.

I believe I warped for a few minutes there. I sincerely felt the baker in the nearby section bothered by my existence. I might have looked like a savage with drool and all. I contemplated. I've tasted Chocolate Truffles before in some party and I believe I had a glimpse of heaven. I sincerely wanted to try the Strawberry flavor just to see what's special about this version. In terms of chocolate or strawberry, I know I'm more of a strawberry fan.

At that moment, I was on paralysis. My conscience even made it more convenient to remind me that I have to save. If my short term memory served me right, I only had enough cash for my feminine products already in my basket. The ATM station is a good distance away and I would have slapped myself if I would swap my much needed kits for the ice cream tubs. Thinking about it, these Selecta Gold Series Ice cream tubs are more expensive than your usual brand.

After five minutes of looking at it and contemplating, just like an automatic reflex, I opened the freezer, got the two tubs and fished for my credit card. I just found justification in the thought of sharing this with my family just to make it a lot better. :)

After lunch, I invited my family to sample the Gold Series Tubs. My mother, as usual, found it expensive, but she loved the Strawberry Flavor. My brother liked the Chocolate Truffles immensely. Well, I love both. The ice cream is tastier, creamier and more fulfilling. I tell you, it could pacify you for a second. That's why foodies who are depressed reach out for ice cream. I remember a scene in Drag Me To Hell when Christine Brown was so depressed and frustrated with her situation, she ate a tub of chocolate ice cream to drown her sorrows away, then her boyfriend appears. Bummer. Ice cream will always be a remarkable dessert creation. It's soothing and comforting. It is very flexible and comes in so many different flavors. But unlike any other ice cream, these Selecta Gold Series flavors are the best locally so far. It is true to the taste, more fulfilling and creamier.

I admit that I'm not a fan of chocolate but the Chocolate Truffles for this Selecta version is to die for. The Strawberry Ice Cream is creamier and true to the taste. The only flavor I haven't tasted is the Hazelnut Brownie because of the nuts, but I'm sure it's heavenly as well. Every time I finish a rough game of Left4dead I finish a cup of ice cream as a reward. After every meal, a spoonful of Chocolate Truffles makes the dining experience more sophisticated.

As I type I'm finishing a serving of Berry Strawberry while I sneaked a cup of Chocolate Truffles for my brother. Our stock is slowly diminishing and if not for the added weight and sugar, I would've stretched my budget and bought another two tubs for tomorrow. I'd make it a lifetime supply even.

I pity those who are on a grave diet. I also pity those (including me) who aren't.

Just imagine if these are to be made fat free and sugarfree. Well, maybe in heaven.

*Our diminishing stock. Gold on a pile of meat.

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