Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers Rise of the Fallen: Contemplative

My brother and I went on a date yesterday. As usual, I was the one who financed everything, but he rarely asks me out so I sort of feel touched by the gesture. He wanted to watch Transformers: Rise of the Fallen because most of his friends, who already watched, liked the movie and he is just a sucker for anything robotic and transforming. I initially planned to watch it with Mitch yesterday, but I arranged reservations for us on Sunday instead since he has engagements planned on that day. Since I had a free time yesterday, how can I say no to my brother?

So, after playing Left4Dead with my sister and a friend, my brother and I drove to a car dealership to test my new project and moved onto Glorietta 4 where I have reserved us tickets to the 8 pm show. By the time we got to Glorietta 4 parking, it was insane. We moved at a very slow pace and it took us about 30 minutes to find a parking slot. This never happened to us even on a weekend, but I guess it's unlike any other weekend because Transformers is showing. Everyone wants watch it the first weekend. People who aren't even interested to begin with got curious.

I would understand. The movie Transformers revolved into another Lord of the Rings magnitude only that the setting is modern and the war involved non-biological beings. But both movies which are very successful in the box office and very large in reach have developed into a household name. They got everyone interested and talking. They became staples in every conversation. Both are adapatations of previous works, JRR Tolkien's book and Transformers' 80's comic and tv series. Both insipired cults and groups of immense passion for their stories. Both movies are considered galactical and it's always nice to watch movies that most people appreciate.

After having a full meal dinner, we grabbed ourselves some pizza, Starbucks, fries, burger and popcorn since we eavesdropped that the movie would last for almost three hours. Not wanting to miss anything and get out something to eat in the middle of the film, we made sure we got ourselves covered. When we got to the cinema lobby, it was already jampacked and the ticket lines were insane. Thanks to the online ticket booking, we spared ourselves with the added hassle and got the best seats in the house.

But I'm not going to write anything about it yet. My reviews are reserved after I watch it the second time with Mitch. I wanted to make things objective this time because last night was packed with hype, fireworks, drama and expectations. I'm not saying I didn't like it, but yesterday's timing was too intense. The movie in itself is phenomenal. I congratulate everyone for the hard work they've put in there. New stars were discovered as old flames were rekindled. But I have some ideas forming in my head. Tonight is an objective way of sifting through it.

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