Sunday, May 24, 2009

All Guilty

After this weekend's over, I bet almost everyone in the country (who has means of course), in secret or out in the open, has already watched the Hayden Kho scandals. And by scandals, I mean many. Those who have not watched the videos, either by choice or not, are just satisfied with feed backs for the meantime. From broad sheets, to tabloids, to dining conversations, to tete-a-tete with friends, cramped in your office elvators, this weekend is all about the Hayden Kho.

I admit I was curious. I thought the scandal people were referring to was the ridiculous "Careless Whisper" dance video that had just as easily killed Hayden Kho's umm...manly reputation. Him with the full emote singing just made me want to puke. Disgusting, what's so "sex-y" about that except that he's trying hard to sing a Wham song in briefs? But according to revelations I heard at the office, the sex videos were indeed "sex" videos of different girls, one of them turned out to be with Katrina Halili. To be honest, I wasn't surprised if Katrina Halili admitted she was the one in the video with Hayden Kho. The reason for them being together seemed too obvious anyways. And my curiosity was doubly ignited because I heard the Modess Commercial Girl, Maricar Reyes, also had a video with the professional pervert.

By friday, almost everyone in my office was talking about it. The scandal was a topic in elevator conversations and in long lines in the canteen. Dining out with my boyfriend and his brother, we talked about the scandal and the person's different opinions as if it's a matter of great political and economic subject in the country. It was on broadsheet headlines. I was even amazed that both of them have already downloaded and seen the entire "collection," whereas I had to settle with other people's feedbacks. As soon as I got home, I turned on my computer and downloaded the scandal to personally see it with my own two eyes. I was skeptical of course. While downloading, I heard my mom and my aunt talking about how much they wanted to rip Hayden Kho's balls off and how my mom wanted to tear down Katrina Halili's Bench billboard. My aunt, being the more updated, even voiced out her immense pity on the pretty Modess model. To have heard them speak so strongly about the issue, I willingly endured the endless minutes of download until finally I got to watch it.

As expected, the videos were disgusting and pitiful. Disgusting because the mere fact that the act was filmed; and pitiful because clearly the women didn't know they were being filmed. How much lashing Hayden Kho would receive from women all over the world will never be my concern. Katrina Halili, despite bravery and stupidity, could've easily denied her resemblance in the video. Whereas for the Brazilian Model and the doctor-actress-wannabe who used to be fantasized as the girl you'd like to bring home to your mom, had their faces visibly displayed on screen...boobs and all. That is something that could drive anyone crazy angry.

As to the person who uploaded these videos, the press has a name and the people have their own speculations. Whatever punishment the law upholds for the likes of him or her wouldn't help much in erasing those memories of sex, lies and videotapes. In short, everyone's guilty.

Hayden Kho guilty for filming his sexual escapades without the other person's consent;
the Girls (Victims) guilty for engaging in pre-marital sex;
the video uploader guilty for using a very sensitive property that isn't his to begin with for commercial purposes.
For all of us, who downloaded the videos and watched

In the end, everyone's guilty one way or another. Because of this scandal, lives were destroyed in other people's eyes. Because of this people, including me, are stoned for downloading and watching the videos influencing others to do the same. Watching would not make any of us any better, it just makes us feel better that we weren't involved in this reputation muddle.

A couple of days ago I was eager to watch and prosecute. Now, I'm guilty that I am no better. I never got any pointers in the video tape, just visuals of an act that was supposed to be done in private. It made me feel a lot worse. Aside from the smell of disgust, it's guilt.

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