Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Itemized

This is the first time that I would get to be online. The day unfolded from one activity to another. In short, I liked how my day turned out. This is one of the steady and productive Sundays I've ever had and the experiences are worth mentioning.

8 AM:

I was sleeping soundly in my room when my sister barged in to tell me to dress up because we're going to mass in Makati. I immediately thought "What a strange dream." I was about to sleep again when my mother missed called me and texted to wake up and prepare for the 10 am mass. I regained my senses and moved my extremities as I began to read the text again. It's real, alright. Without further questioning, I did what I was told while figuring out what led us to change our usual afternoon schedule on a Sunday.

10 AM:

We heard mass at Don Bosco Makati and learned that my father planned to take us to Trinoma, which for Southerners like us, is considered a JOURNEY. To have my father propose the trip to Trinoma was bizarre. My father never liked long drives and on a lazy Sunday, anywhere beyond Makati was unacceptable. Nevertheless my sister, mother and brother were all excited. They've never been Trinoma and as for me, I figured it was about time to visit the place again. The first time I went there, majority of the stores were still closed and majority of my stay was spent watching Ratatouille.

11:30 AM:

After mass, we directly conquered the long stretch of EDSA without encountering heavy traffic jams. Since I seldom go north, I'd always prefer to be the passenger than the driver. Aside from the fact that I hate driving in EDSA and I don't know the important exit points, if I was the one driving I wouldn't be able to properly scrutinize and appreciate the billboards without having the highest potential in getting into an accident.

12:00 PM"

By 12 PM we reached Trinoma and had problems finding vacant parking slots. I know the new Ayala mall is huge, but we reached level four for crying out loud. It somehow prepared us for what to expect.

12:30 PM

By 12:30 PM we found ourselves marveling at the place...and the insane crowd. We made sure we all had cellular phones just in case we got lost. The mall is huge and crowded. The domesque architecture gives general view points of the place. Being a Sunday and a payday weekend people swarmed in like ants. Others were obviously just taking advantage of the airconditioning, while others are seriously window shopping. The crowd was a mix of people. The crowd has a way of balancing affluently dressed individuals to those who are dressed in sandos and rubber slippers. The intensity of crowd got me thinking that with all the malls in close proximity with each other, it's still amazing to find out that almost all of them are pressumably crowded. It makes me feel the need to push through the Reproductive Health Bill. If people want to have a feel of how Philippines, particularly Manila, is so crowded and overpopulated, I say GO TO THE MALLS.

1:00 PM

We had lunch at Sizzling Pepper Steak. We ordered our own respective dishes; and unfortunately we didn't like it. WE didn't like the cubed steak, my tonkatsu with egg, the seafood rice and the salad. I thought Pepper Lunch might be more expensive, but it's a lot better.

2:00 PM

We separated ways as I headed to the least crowded coffee shop to read. I don't have time and energy to roam about and with my financial standing as of the moment, I don't really think I should.

3:00 PM

After an hour of finishing chapters of the current book I'm reading, my mom joined me followed by my sister and the rest. They had coffee and debated on whether to stay for merienda. Since it was getting too crowded for our taste, we decided to skip it and end our trip there.

3:30 PM

We found ourselves cruising in Edsa with a "sleeping" driver. My brother kept distracting my dad from sleeping and instead of us, the passengers doing that, we were the ones nervously awake for the entire trip.

4:00 PM

I found myself home and decided to treat Harvey after a long weekend of absence and neglect. I originally thought of bringing him to Serendra, but I remembered that I have to save so we just settled for the village park. I attempted to jog as he kept stopping me at unknown trees, yards and fences to pee. I watched once in NGC that animals have their thing of marking their territory with their pee, an effective scent. On my count, I believe Harvey peed 12 times on various spots. I didn't think it was done out of biological needs, but it was done out of his ego. He didn't much pee, but released a quick squirt of his urine all over the place.

5:00 PM

Harvey and I visited Mitch and got to hang out there. He had merienda courtesy of Mitch's mom. And he was able to have a rendezvous with Rocky.
5:30 PM

We walked Mitch to the church, met some village friends and decided to go home. By that time Harvey's tongue was rolling, but he still peed all over the place.

6:30 PM

I went to Mitch's house to accept a dinner invitation. In all those four years of friendship with his family, I know much not to decline dinner or I'll definitely be sorry. Mitch's mom is a very fine cook and baker. Their dinners are quite exemplary compared to our humdrum feast at home. There was a time that I ate dinner with them the whole week and my only contribution was a can of pineapple juice. Admittedly at first I was embarrassed, but dinners of fish fillet, spicy tuna, salad, steak, roasted chicken, Max-like fried chicken and morcon are so hard to decline. Dishes that I never even eat at myown home, I would surprisingly devour at theirs. And for our dinner tonight, we had RIBS marinated in Hickory Sauce, Potato salad, Bacon Carbonara and hot pandesal. I asked his mom if we're celebrating someone's birthday just to make sure, but it was just something she decided to cook for dinner. And you think I would miss this?

7:30 PM

We stuffed ourselves like there was no tomorrow. But we were tough because we still decided to have coffee afterwards. As usual, we ate and run or I shall say I ATE and run. Mitch and I decided to go to Starbucks Magallanes to unwind. We went there, did our usual intimate discussions about life, the past and certain realizations we've had recently.

8:30 PM

By 8:30 I was home. Played with Harvey for a bit and arranged a couple of things in my room. I immediately felt sleep creeping in, but there's still one more thing that I need to do to end the day right. Go online and blog.

10:00 PM

I'm still here, uploading pictures, blogging and will be done in a few. I'm enjoying myself too much that I might forget I have an early schedule at work tomorrow. I hope next Sunday would be this steady.

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