Monday, May 25, 2009

Angels and Demons: Best to read it

Good thing I was able to read the book to fully appreciate Angels and Demons or else I would've just forgotten the movie was exciting to begin with. The movie, for me, to put it It was overly compressed with details twisted due to time constraints without the much-needed refinement. It is a murder mystery with great amounts of history and code breaking involved. It is one hard movie concept, but the much needed details and revelations will not come from text book explanations that are delivered in such a rehearsed manner that the element of suspense is evaporated into thin air.

Reading the book, I can vividly remember the feeling of amazement everytime the main characters figure out one Altar in the Path of Illumination. Reading it makes my mind appreciate the revelation because I got to think myself and appreciate developments. In the movie, there was none. You would never feel the A-HA moment and the thrill of the chase in every lucky guess. Before one could "sift through" the mediocre explanations on how they were able to figure things out, they are already on the second leg. They are running, cursing in Italian, entering churches, that at some point as a viewer, you wouldn't know why they are doing that in the first place. If I have read the book and got stoned at some point, well I pity those who didn't read it because as far as they're concerned, they're watching a celebrity Amazing Race with no visible plots and mental challenges.

Horrible. My first movie after the "hiatus" was a bad choice. If only I had known I would've watched Night at the Museum 2, which by the way also received poor reviews compared to its first installment. What's wrong with the sequels of our blockbuster movies? Is this some kind of trend?

I can't wait for Transformers II though, but at this point, it's best not to expect too much.

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