Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Blog for the month... Promise

Before I really really officially close this month's blog, I just remembered that my mom will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow. Oops, it's already 12:02 am in my clock, so that means...


On my way to work this morning, my dad told me how upset he was for the past few days that we have not been seeing each other in the house. We don't eat dinners together (we seldom do), but much worse than that literally we don't see each other. Period. I go to work late and come home pretty late as well that I don't get to see my parents, my brother or sister. Harvey seems to be the only one "consistent" day in and day out in my life, except when I'm traveling of course.

My dad asked me of my plans for my mom's birthday. Sometimes I think he doesn't really know me because technically, I'm the wrong person to ask. I would always say that a cake and a party would be nice, but those are way out of their interests. He wanted to treat my mom to a grand family dinner. He asked me to research and block the date when I quickly reminded him that I'll be leaving for Camiguin on my
mom's birthday. He was about to rant, when he remembered for his own sake that I clearly told him this trip a month ago. To make things sweeter, I told him my mom doesn't mind at all. She gave me her blessings. In fact, she doesn't care because she doesn't like celebrating birthdays too much due to obvious age defying reasons.

So mother, Happy Birthday and yes, I promise to bring you luscious Lanzones from Camiguin.


Moving along, I really have to say this, I'm sorry. I'm tired of this issue as well but...

I didn't realize that the Halili-Kho case will undergo a PUBLIC hear
ing in Senate today until I called up my friend Khae to discuss an impending travel plan and she told me to shush up because she cannot hear Hayden Kho's speech.


First of all, intimate and sensitive topics like this deserve a proper heari
ng, a hearing that is secluded from immature and sensational perceptions of the media. True, that the people involved are "public" figures, but what good would detailed information on how "Hayden Kho assured me he loves me...." kind of drama do to the general public?

Second, a woman, who if ever was scorned and exploited, wouldn't be in her right mind to opt for a public hearing. Wouldn't she be, in a way, exploiti
ng herself again? Unless of course, she's trying to create some noise and soak up all the public sympathy.

Third, come on...a Senate Hearing on this??! Surely the subject at hand is a grave and moral concern for the whole country. But how come I'm feeling that it sounds and looks like a circus and a stage play for wannabe politicians and actors alike? I could see the "over" sincerity and in-depth concern of the chosen Senators in this hearing, but aren't there any more important issues to deal with that deserve more s
erious attention like Swine Flu virus actions perhaps? How come the world just stops over this sex video? And how come the once "low profile and performance" senators have begun to voluntarily man the ship with passion at this time and at this particular case? The issue at hand is about exploitation and degradation of a human being's life. I'm sure proper punishment and laws should be enforced, but I do not approve of the method they are using and most certainly I do not appreciate this as Philippines' only glaring and national concern. Countries with the likes of Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson Lee, who have their own sex videos to boot, maybe think that we are too cheesy.

Also, didn't it ever occur to us that Hayden's life is destroyed already? He said it himself, he tried to commit suicide and that was when the situation was not as bad as now. I'm not his fan, hell, I want him to pay for what he did the hard way, but sometimes we become immature ourselves. Soaking him with water, in front of the senators, was funny, but highly immature. How long can Hayden last with all this mocking and degradation? Frankly, I don't want to know.


Enough of this. It's time for me to sleep. Technically I have less than 2 hours already since I'm blogging past my intended bed time. So, I would have to officially end my May blogging with this post. By the time I get back, I'm sure I have more stories to tell and hopefully it wouldn't be about Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili.

Oh, by the way, due to Cebu Pacific's seat sale, guess what I have in store for the month of July.

I will be officially going for another vacation with Khae and his cousin in Roxas City Capiz, my father's hometown. I've been here since I was a kid, but unlike Cebu, I don't go there every year unlike before when my sister and I had to choose. If we were to spend Christmas in Cebu, we were expected to spend summer in Roxas. That was the rule. But when the rule melted we started imposing our own decisions. My father, I know even if he doesn't show it, thinks we favor Cebu over Roxas. He would always ask us if we would want to come with him whenever he goes to his hometown, but we would always find valid reasons to decline.

Unlike Cebu, that is widely developed and urbanized, Roxas is still what you would describe as provincial. They have sufficient towns, baranggays and facilities, but this is not the place to go if you want to party or do something highly urbanized like what you do in Manila. The entertainment there is cheap and simple. Going to a beach in Baybayon, visiting cathedrals, go bangus fishing and driving are just the top activities to do there. Simple and provincial, but I love this city. In a way, my childhood wouldn't be complete without Roxas. Nothing beats the SEAFOOD capital in the Philippines. Where can you get a plump scallop for 5 pesos each, fresh and big bangus and oysters dirt cheap? They do not call this seafood capital for nothing, folks. Whenever I go there, it would be definite that I'd crave for a Hamburger in McDo as soon as I get back in Manila. It's like "Cebu is to Lechon as Seafood is to Roxas." I do know my yin and yang in food.
Anyways, I miss this place. I miss my dad's home and I miss the feel of this city. Another VACA-y to look forward to.

The wonderful pictures were taken by great photographers who captured the beautiful side of Roxas sans the aswang.

Find the pictures' links below:

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