Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I got to Shake it off

There are couple of things I want to shake off.

First, my past weekend was plagued by the Hayden Kho scandals that people were talking about like how they talk about the weather. We echo how immoral Kho is, this and that. But was he the one who distributed the video while his thing kept "dangling" in front of the screen? I don't think so. Was he the only one engaging in premarital sex and having collections upon collections of sex videos? I guess not. I think we are sucked into one big hype of black hole. After talking about it for more than a day, it leaves an acid taste in your mouth. But this is what sells in the media, and this is what we get and casually talk about. From primetime news to showbiz news everyone has a special on Hayden Kho.

Whoever released the videos is a grand hunt, but after almost the whole nation saw it, I guess catching the guy would just punish him for his act. Unless the "victims" of this immoral distribution demand millions as payment for moral damages, then acceptable justice over tarnished reputations will never be fully satisfied.

Naturally as I watched the news last night certain developments were revealed. It seems that the ex-friend of Hayden Kho released the videos, allegedly with an indirect help from Vicki Belo, out of revenge because the celebrity doctor had an affair with his girlfriend. Another common friend of theirs, who was a businessman was the one who allegedly got the files from Hayden Kho's hard disk and sold it for 2 million pesos.

As expected all parties denied the allegations except for Hayden Kho of course who is left all alone with the knowledge that his face and his sexual prowess are being watched and made fun of nationwide. While experts are trying to figure out who distributed the videos, Hayden Kho seems trapped and exposed with no one to blame. Not to mention, the mother of the accused, the senator and countless leads are now defending their stands leaving Kho in the middle of the squabble.

Is this how adults deal in the real world? Exposing people's video tapes to get back at them? A Professional as noble as a doctor getting his license revoked to appease the crowd because of his 'private' now 'publicly exposed' immoralities are condemned. People engaging in extra-affairs until the shit hits the fan?


Second, the supposed to be one of the most respected entities in the legal system, is having an inner squabble of their own. Geez, talk about privilege bashing. It's very humiliating to hear that senators use that time to get back at their personal grievance and insights on another senator calling each other hypocrites and cowards. They are supposed to be fighting for laws and creating one, not using the senate as an open forum of feelings and sorts. No matter what they say that the speech was official, it tainted objectivity and hindered what needed to be done. Whenever they clash, the most important issues simply evaporate making way for a "juicier" collision. It robs everyone of good and productive spirits. In the end, the senate session was adjourned after the clash and certain amendments were postponed due to the unnecessary fireworks. What did they achieve? Nothing.

Our high school debate and speech formats are more civilized than this.


Third, I'm excited for my upcoming trip to the beautiful island Camiguin. My last set of vacation to officially close summer. This would be my first ever trip to Mindanao and I'm very excited to see nature and another festive city of Cagayan De Oro. I cannot wait. I have to shake off the excitement for the mean time and focus on my work just for three more days! More imporant things first than figuring out what clothes to bring.

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