Saturday, May 9, 2009

A close encounter with Edu Manzano

Before I start proofreading my posts and start enjoying my cold isolated afternoon, I just have to mention that I just saw Edu Manzano, a premier mestizo Filipino actor, walk by outside Starbucks Rockwell. I was at the corner trying to be invisible when he walked by. I must say he doesn't look like 50 at all. I don't even know his exact age, but I don't think it's around 50. If it is, then he could have easily fooled anyone.

He is still amazingly fit, exudes that millionaire aura that I always get to read in fantastic epic drama novels. Unfortunately, that also goes the same that he has a womanizer aura. It's somehow packaged. But he is gracious to guards and I believe a devoted father observing his youngster companions. I guess his ability to laugh and be approachable amidst his sharp and aristocratic look is his main charm.

I remember ever since I was a kid my aunt Susan is quite infatuated with him. Whenever I ask who is her most favorite actor, it's always Edu Manzano. Her face lights up in a subtle way as if she always can relate when Edu Manzano is on screen. Whenever I see and hear Edu Manzano, I remember my aunt Susan. An autograph with the famous actor could have been a perfect pseudo-mother's day gift for my Nanay (Aunt Susan), but alas I was only this close.


Anonymous said...

hi! when and what time you saw him?is this the sbucks inside powerplant? also, hus with him?

opinionatedbanana said...

Yep. It was only brief. He's with two teenagers. Didn't get to see their faces.

Anonymous said...

ohh, that might be enzo and addie,,btw, when did you see them? an afternoon?

Anonymous said...

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