Monday, May 11, 2009

The Potential Stage Mother In Me

I am a "parent" of a cute and intelligent 9 month old Jack Russell Terrier named Harvey Elizander. Harvey for short. The reason why I got a Jack Russell instead of something else like a beagle or a shih tzu, is that I want a dog that is "portable," a dog that requires less maintenance, but considered very agile and playful. Everything that I was looking for, I found in the likes of Jack Russells. Plus the fact that I was an avid viewer of Wishbone and The Mask.

When I got him, everything changed including my bank account. I treat him like a person, talk to him as if he'd understand; and expect things from him that could only be done by humans. Actually it's his fault. He is super smart and he can easily pick up things. I taught him the sit command in less than 2 hours. He usually slants his head as if trying his best to understand whatever I'm saying. He automatically plays with me fueled by his infectious energy and also he has lots of ways of keeping me irritated yet entertained. He is an active dog bursting with intelligence and vitality. He might be too smart to obey sometimes, but this dog always wants to have fun. I can't blame him of that.

Also in our bonding times I always make it a point to play with him and bring him to places to socialize. We'd go to my friends' house, village park, Serendra, CCP and just about anywhere he's allowed to go. One thing that I'm proud about him is, he is behaved in the car. He doesn't shit around and jump like crazy as long as he sees me close. He just finds his niche and sometimes stares outside the window. I can just ask him to get in the car and drive off without worrying that he might pester me around. With his ability to stay put and be convenient in trips, I initially planned to bring him to Boracay and bring him to Tagaytay, but certain party poopers won't let him. That's why I promised him that as soon as I get my very own car, I would whisk him away to Tagaytay for a field trip.

Second attribute that I'm proud of Harvey, contrary to popular assumptions, is that he is very cooperative in taking a bath. A dog with his mischievousness and energy, is expected to thrash around while being groomed. All dogs in general hate baths anyways. In terms of seeing Harvey, most people would assume that they would have a hard time bathing him and making him stay put. Even though he doesn't bark or bite, his energy is a human's pitfall. But due to familiarity and training, he cooperates in baths. He doesn't thrash around and give us an attitude. He stays put while we rinse or scrub him. When Ate Ne would say "Left," he would voluntarily move his leg up so that we could scrub and rinse his inner thigh. When we say "right" he does the same to the other leg. He lets others touch his paws and rinse him without the added stress.

Lastly, I am proud of him because he is highly approachable. He likes people. He likes all dogs. He likes observing and befriending anything breathing. He is the type of dog that loves to see and to observe new things. A call to satisfy his craving for attention. When people come to pet him, he tries to engage them in play. He is not overly territorial, which pesters other dogs. For him, he just wants to befriend people and other dogs no matter how hard it takes. His mantra is "PLAY ANYTIME, WITH ANYONE, ANYWHERE." But the downside of it is that he can never be a reliable guard dog.

With all the things that he could do and still do, he would continue to wow me and my family. He is our simple joy and pride. We've grown accustomed to his ways and we have fully adjusted to his needs. He never gives me trouble except when sometimes he wants to start troubles and finds enough reason to chase him. I guess I have to accept him, the good and the bad sides. But knowing me, I would only see the good.

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