Tuesday, May 5, 2009

After Three Hours away from Cebu

I wrote the last post of this blog on the eve of my departure for Cebu, that was Wednesday night last week. After five days of non-posting, here I am still alive. Even though my destination has strong internet access and I have Harriet with me all the time, I still couldn't find the time and effort to blog. My time in Cebu was mostly spent either trying to recuperate from a heavy meal, or probably moving from one place to the next and constantly engaging with people. I would consider myself lucky to find a meager time to sleep only to wake up so early on the following day to move as if we are considered as "local annual tourist."

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and catching up on sleep, but I know too well what to expect in Cebu. Relaxation is not an appropriate term for it. In Cebu we're always on the move and for all the years that I've been there I know what to expect and the literal term of "relaxation" is not one of them. All my crazy and wonderful relatives are always eager to entertain and take care of me. They make sure I engage in activities local to Cebu whatever they may be. They serve sustenance that would leave health-buff Manilenos squirming. If sleep and privacy are compromised, those are small prices to pay for an activity filled vacation of sleepless nights, bulging stomachs and high spirits. Cebu has always been funner for me. It might not be the spa-ish type of relaxation, but familiar faces, loud voices and endless activities that I have always loved ever since I was a kid, wipe out my stress.

I love to write some more, but my stamina's slowly fading. I need to catch up on sleep, in my room and in my bed. For some reason I'm supposed to be happy that I'm back, but just like it always has been, melancholy sleeps in. After three hours, I already miss Cebu so badly.

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