Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacation 101: Mother*Pack*ing Task

12:48 am in my clock.

2 hours ago I just got home from work. I had my last conference call for the week while my mind was flying elsewhere on how to accomplish my most dreaded task for every vacation, which is packing.

I loathe packing. I loathe thinking of what to bring, which clothes I would have to consider for a specific time and place. It's better if I have an ironed out itinerary, but usually itineraries with my family aren't followed. So, I tend to bring an extra of this, an extra of that just to be on the safe side. Before I know it, my suitcase is already bulging. Obviously my wardrobe is not that flexible.

Transferring essential things from one bag to another is another draining task. You have to make sure every document is with you while you pack your wits for another day.

As I type it's already 1 am and I have technically 1.5 hours of sleep before I prepare to leave for the airport. Why am I even blogging in the first place? Ah yes, I just had to search Adam Lambert's performance in YOUTUBE. I was supposed to watch the TV replay at 11 pm, but I had other more "important" things to packing.

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Laura said...

I blog to clear my head. Then it's easier to finish other tasks.