Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Confess: Music Edition

I have a couple of things to confess (share):


I'm not really a die hard fan of American Idol. I don't go out of my way to watch it, although I have considerable knowledge of what happens in the show. Mostly my knowledge comes from gossips and tidbits from officemates. It all changed until I liked this particular contestant with the name of: "fan"

Adam Lambert

I saw how he performed "I can't get no Satisfaction" in the earlier rounds. I was impressed. Then I saw him perform "Black and White." That was when I became a solid fan. I really don't care what happens to the other contestants. I don't even know their names to begin with. I only watch American Idol because of him.

Seriously, he can transform any song and make it into his own original piece. He can belt ballads, do an emo-rock number and still manages to tone down on selective songs. He is a creative and a bankable musician. Whenever he performs, he turns the place like it was his very own concert.

Yeah, it's understated that he sings well, even better than some lady singers I know. There is no question that his voice is amazing and he has a great ear. Not only that, he exudes charm and connects well with audience. Pure music. Pure performance. Ego is non-existent. He is very humble and did I even mention handsome?!

Rumors are flying out that he is gay. So what? He is androgynous up to this point and as long as he continues to perform great music, who cares about gender? He is a certified artist and I can't wait for him to release an album! I'm definitely buying!


I seldom single out singers/artist. My song choices are eclectic and I'm not the type to focus my attention on someone. I'm the type who buys records because of the songs and not generally because of the artist. I've made mistakes in the past and now I know better. But who would have thought that I would like the music of Lady Gaga?

I've never liked an unusual looking artist before. I do not like artists who over-package themselves to the point that the packaging overwhelms the musician. A lot of pop artists tend to fall that dreaded path. Like Lady Gaga, sporting a blond hair/wig, performs without pants and exudes uniqueness and "funkiness" is certainly not my type. But surprisingly I like her. She has a voice and her songs are enticing. I don't mind hearing (or dancing) to some of her singles. She has her own brand of making songs, probably just like Adam Lambert. They do not lose their style amidst the expectations of people. They can focus on their kick-ass respective brands of music, but can do ballads on the side. They create good music without losing their identity in the process. Have you ever heard the ballad version of her pop dance hit "Pokerface?" If she ever decides to come here, I'm definitely watching her concert!

These two artists represent what music is all about. In spite of their appearance, aura and unique packaging, they bring what's the most essential thing as an artist: their versatility and immense artistry in music. They, for me, are the real deals.


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