Monday, April 6, 2009

That's why They call in Circles

Working on a holiday is a certified bummer-experience. Therefore if you go through the heroic act of yuppies, be sure to reward yourself. Apparently for me, it came in the form of a succulent, posh and well-trusted Circles buffet in one of the top hotels in the country.

Mind you, I intentionally didn't have breakfast as a means of preparation, but nothing could prepare me for the succulent main courses of steaks, chicken, fish, beef and pork dishes ranging from Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Filipino, American and Italian cuisines. But before you go to the main course, you have to pass by the appetizers. Fresh sushi, sashimis, cheese, bread, cold cuts and err...salad. The dishes are predictable, but the freshness, presentation and the overall taste are satisfying.

I think it was on my fifth plate that I started to feel strange. I felt somehow paralyzed, weak and "stoned." I laughed at stupid things and while I was asking for the waiter to get me coffee, the water in my mouth actually spilled out. There were moments that I felt that I would eventually throw up or worse, pass out. My sister was on the look out for embarrassing moments as we cleaned our plates and stayed on until the buffet officially closes.

By the time we got out of the hotel, it was already merienda time (3 pm) and going to Glorietta was like a massive hurdle to both of us. On our way to meet our dad, we went inside stores pretending to look around only to be able to sit and relax. People that came across us might have thought we got drunk way too early.

I figured that's why they called it Circles. It would either make you represent the shape or make you loony at the same time. Too much shapes in buffets are temporarily "out" until further notice.

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