Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OFFICIALLY APRIL: Vacation Edition

It's official. Once April 1st hits, there's no more denying, anticipating and blaming the premature heat wave that happens in March. It's summer and April is its Prime Month. This means that SOMETHING really has to happen to you, something good and something of season.


This is not the time to sulk. This time the weather is mostly cooperative. Most resorts and travel expeditions are very much accommodating compared to any time of the year. This is also the time to get people together because there are fun agendas like outings and homecoming parties. This is why vacation leaves are created and company excursions are annually upheld. Since the weather is intensely hot, we all need a breather, and April gives us that. It gives us the sun, the opportunities and people to spend it with.

In Truth: I really don't like the sun. I'm not a beach-lady, but I do like vacations. Summer seems to be always the perfect time for people to file their leaves and go somewhere exotic. This is the perfect time to book a good hotel room where air conditioning runs 24 hours, while you're tucked in a fluffy comforter, with room service of luscious mango crepes with vanilla ice cream on your left side and the remote of the tv on your right.

I may not also be a major fan of the beach, but the light and summery wind makes it easy for me to eat liempo with hot rice like a pig, gulp the crisp ice cold coke, getting my hands and face sticky while eating mangoes and just dipping at the cool waters to rinse. After that, I'd just sleep, read or daydream till dinner time. Classic.

At this point, it really doesn't matter to me if I go on a road trip, sea trip or an air trip just to get to my point of destination. It just has to be outside my house, office or the usual mall. The opportunity to do something new and experience something new besides my usual work, responsibilities and chores are highly encouraged. Anywhere but here is the theme for this season.


Most professionals may not relate to this because we do not necessarily have mandated summer vacations to whine about not being productive. We work until we get a chance to file for those meager vacation leaves. But for students and for few flexible professionals, domestic cleaning and weekend trips are good alternatives.

Cleaning our rooms and rearranging furniture to soothe the flow of the wind are good choices. Since it's a new season, our surroundings may need a new look and vibe. It's time to organize and get rid of the last quarter's clutter. Some could go visit the salon and get summer haircuts like what I did last year. I chopped off my hair and loved the experience. Or some could enroll in nurturing classes like yoga and pilates. Unfortunately that's not for me, but I do have other alternatives like enrolling in pottery, do some volunteer work, enroll in a language class or start my writing expedition.

Students shouldn't waste these precious times most especially. They're the ones who can fully maximize the season without worrying too much. I would suggest what I did when I was a student. I learned how to drive, clean my room, visit relatives in provinces, enroll in fun classes and get a summer job in my lola's sari-sari store. I may have met new people, spent some time with friends and found self-actualization. I wish professionals could easily do the same.

Whatever the agenda and wherever they me be, let's enjoy the season anyway we like it before it's over.

I hope this summer's heat would be kinder to us.

Happy APRIL!

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