Sunday, April 5, 2009

XSA is back, but XNK is...

My sister crashed XSA two months ago. XSA is her fuel-saver Honda City car, which everyone loves to drive especially at those times when gas reached 60PHP per litter. The other cars were voluntarily "impounded" due to its reputation to shamelessly guzzle gas.

Unfortunately this year, one February night after work, I went home with the sight of my sister's swollen lips with small splatters of blood on her face while my dad was in Skyway trying to settle one of the major car accidents in our family's history. Apparently, XSA's front half was smashed into the concrete of a toll booth plus incurring damages inflicted to another car, owned by my sister's school mate. After that, it was insurance hell from then on and we had to survive losing XSA for two months.

So we relied on my pseudo-car XNK to take over.

XNK is our Mazda Tribute that was a "supposed" gift from my father last 2005. XNK is a good drive, powerful and very comfortable only that it guzzles gas. With my meager earnings at the start of my career, I would only ge to use it during the weekends because I couldn't afford it. Since day one since I started working, I never asked any monetary support from my parents. Pride was more valuable to me that gas so I seldom used XNK. My mother, being a cheapskate, seldom uses it as well. It has just become an alternative. But in times when XSA was in rehab, we relied heavily on XNK and we became more "attached" to it.

Unlike XSA that has been into any minor-major accident imaginable (care of my sister) XNK was never in accident prone. The two major accidents of XNK caused damage to others and not to itself. I once hit a white dog, more of like a wolf, on a rainy day. As much as I wanted to help the dog, it ran and disappeared. I sincerely hope it's still alive though. Lastly, I accidentally reversed on a small car on my way to Dianne Tiongco's house in Christmas of 2007. With that, I wasn't able to deliver my gift because it quickly deflated my driving spirit. I should be happy in a way becuase I knew it could've been worse. XNK didn't have any major damages, but Kia's hood was slighly "smashed" as expected. I paid 1,500 bucks to the Kia owner and thank the heavens XNK is still in good shape and had no reasons to go to into rehab.

But in this year starting last February to the first week of April, XSA had to be repaired. At least my sister picked a perfect timing. As the gas prices went down, it was just the perfect time for us to use XNK. We've become more comfortable and accustomed to it that I myself miss driving it. We have already adjusted to temporarily losing XSA when surprisingly one April day it was parked with its glistening paint for a happy reunion.

But our happiness was slightly shattered when XNK had a major accident when I was being dropped on my way to work three days ago. I was not the one driving and the road-wrecker-annoying-driver of ours was at fault. He bumped into a truck and XNK's left eye was deformed. I was flaring mad. I knew it was bound to happen with his infamous driving skills. After two days, with the same driver, a motor bike hit its sides. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

My dad was frustrated as I was infuriated. I couldn't stop but caress XNK's deformed features. I was really mad until I calmed it down a notch. They knew that if I were to own my very own car, I would never ever let my sister nor that "brilliant" driver of ours to use itif it's the last thing I'd ever do.

But ho well, now that XSA is back, XNK will have the chance to slightly rest for a bit and enter rehab soon. I guess we're not really lucky with cars now.

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