Sunday, April 12, 2009

The dog named BO

President Obama promised something to his daughters during the exhausting US presidential elections. As a strong motivation against pressure and time off from his family, he promised his kids that he will give them a dog regardless if he wins or not. And now that he is the President of a powerful and currently hot-seated country in the world, every move the first family makes is magnified and given considerable global attention. From clothes, from schools, from habits and even with regards to pets.

Meet the 'first family's dog,' a Portuguese Water Dog that the first daughters named Bo. The dog is given to the Obama's as a gift by Sen. Ted Kennedy. Before making the adoption official, there were reportedly secret meetings to get the girls and the first family acquainted. This is not an issue in the White House. Americans by nature love dogs and previous first families have had their own share of pets brought during their reign like beagles and hounds. This is not much of a big adjustment. But since they are the first family and probably the most influential and watched family in the world, things like these get magnetized and publicized.

Portuguese Water dogs in a nutshell is called "Portie" for short and their main jobs are to herd fish into fishermen's nets, to retrieve broken nets and acts as couriers. They resemble standard Poodles and are made to be very excellent companions. They are by nature obedient, intelligent and loyal. Seen as a perfect companion to the first daughters, probably its breed would sky rocket in the breeders' hit chart.

In local news, Harvey Elizander, my Jack Russell Terrier puppy is looking for a suitable mate. I'm having a hard time looking for one as this is not also a popular breed here in the Philippines. Well, like Bo, he is also a great companion, intelligent, very charming with people and very playful. He doesnt' require much grooming, but compared to the aspect of obedience, I think Bo has an upper hand. If Harvey was their dog I bet he would always be one of White House's main news because of his countless mischief and shenanigans, but I'm sure he will be so loved just the same.

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