Sunday, April 12, 2009

Book Crossover Project: Finally

On a black Saturday, I went to work. I left my room looking like a minefield and specifically told everyone at our house to stay away from it and fight their urge to pick up some books scattered on the floor and pile them in stacks. To save them the emotion, I left a note not to open the door. I explained that I was able to do a preliminary inventory the evening before and their scattered disposition has a meaning and a purpose.

In short, I just want to get away from my room. For two days I've been clogged by a dust-infested and visually disgusting looking room that I'm sure being stuck in it another day would leave me sick. So, my recluse is at the office where air conditioning is free and I can get to relax by doing my familiar routine.

I got at the office at 10 am and met some office mates there who have nothing better to do on a Saturday. Malls are to open during lunch time and apparently almost everyone was anticipating that. I opened my fountain of emails and before I knew it it was already lunch time. While my colleagues were thinking of where to have lunch in Greenbelt, I was listing stuff that I needed to buy for my project and for my upcoming Boracay trip. I figured I wouldn't have enough time and energy to shop for the remaining days that I have, so I decided to do those errands right after lunch.

My colleagues and I had lunch at Recipes in Greenbelt and as usual the General's Chicken, Crispy Tilapia and the Gising-Gising didn't fail us. Accompanied by ice-cold bottomless iced tea on a scorching day was like a glimpse to our own impending vacations. We finished at around 2 in the afternoon and I parted ways with them.

I went to the department stores, drug stores and dropped by Havaiianas store to get my own flip flops that I've been eyeing for quite some time. After swiping for four times in my credit card, I tried to repress the computations while I kept my credit card tucked at my bag's small compartment. I am almost a thousand pesos over budget, therefore it's strictly cash until further notice. In the middle of the VERY last shopping expedition for medicines, toiletries and slippers, I went home and did some errand.

By around past 5, I was able to get back to the office. Fortunately, I just went back to log out and turn off my laptop as my other colleague who was there was able to manage the very manageable work load. By the time I got there, they were already planning to watch a movie, as I planned to go home and finally face the INEVITABLE.

On my way home, my mother texted that we were to attend the anticipated mass at 8 pm in our village parish. With still an hour to spare, I went to SM Bicutan, a nearby mall in our village, to check if they have affordable book stands and dividers I could use in my Book Crossover Project. But I couldn't find anything that I liked, so I just went to the department store and bought clips and bands. With no further business left, I headed straight to the church where I met my family.

Now, that mass was something else. It lasted for three hours. Although the ceremony was interesting and very Easter-intensive with the candles and stuff, it was freakingly HOT. My siblings didn't realize that it was going to be that long. We were all starving and it didn't help that the air was humid and sticky. But as the Lord said, "Sacrifice." Well, I thanked god for giving us brilliant minds. We have magnificently exercised Mind over Matter.

After the celebration at 11 pm, my sister was already on a rampage for food. My parents decided to stop by Mini Stop and buy some chicken and a 35 bucks lasagna. When we got there, I saw my Sun Valley Friends parked in my other friend's house. They tried to call me, but I could only wave to them as I was so hungry! I went to the kitchen, played with Harvey for a bit, and ate meatballs, crabs in sauce and chicken! When I finished at 11:45, I went out for a quick walk to my friends before finally locking myself in my room to get down to business.

I went back to the house at 12:15 am and started to finish my inventory.

By 2:00 am, I was done with my inventory and remembered I have a couple of things lacking in my shelf. The plastic cover on the shelves are not yet installed and I am still missing dividers for proper categorization. I was contemplating until 2:30 when sleep started to bug me. I firmly decided there and then to just put the books as orderly as I can to finally clean up my room and to finally put my books in their preliminary storage. It's not anymore reasonable to be OC at that time.

For another hour, I climbed up the metal ladder a dozen times trying to arrange books and put them on the section that I intended. It wasn't as 'OC' as I expected, but I had to do it with the limited time and resources that I have. I wouldn't let them be scattered on the floor for another day and my target to get them relocated was Easter. So, I finished my goal and at the same time was able to clean up my room.

By 4 am. I was asleep.

I woke up at 11 am and managed to fix minor stuff discarded in my room. Now, it's totally squeaky clean except of course with my laptop, it's wires and a few bags on the desk. I commissioned Ate Ne to put some plastic covers in each book section when I go on a vacation or whenever she is free for this month. She obliged as she was impressed that she came upon a very clean room this morning. Come end of April or beginning of May, I would have to buy those book dividers and properly categorize the books as I wanted it in the first place. But now, I couldn't complain, this would have to do and it's by far very agreeable to say the least.

When my brother peeked in my room to see if I drowned at my own mess, he was surprised to see that the books he painstakingly brought the other day were already stacked in the shelves. He couldn't figure out how I was able to fit them all in the book shelf or how I did "manual labor." Looking at it from the book shelf, my collection isn't intimidating, but when he climbed up the ladder and took a peek, he saw that the book section has three layers/rows per section. He said it was an optical illusion and that he couldn't believe I was able to finish it for Easter. He stepped out mind boggled as I patted myself for a job well done. Now, I am back to regular programming.

*Before, initial stages. I won't show the chaos pictures anymore. It's far disgusting

*AFTER. This sight is heavenly. Looking at it for the first time, I couldn't believe everything fit! But as my brother said, it was an optical illusion. Just don't go up the ladder and peek!

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