Thursday, April 16, 2009

Officially on Vacation

I am officially on vacation. It started at 3:30 am today when I was picked up by my friends and as soon as I finished the little battle with my parents..victoriously. I thought they were going to ground me out of not being able to share in depth details of my trip earlier than expected, but good thing they are understanding and somewhat forgiving.

Our group's flight schedules compared to the previous years are quite racy now. Except for sharing the flight with Mitch and the Lycan-Vampire duo SR and Jane, others booked different flight schedules with different airlines. Apparently this is clearly a product of lack of coordination and other reasons brought by their respective careers. Nevertheless, I was quite happy to know that Mitch and I will be sharing the earliest flight of Zestair to Caticlan with two of our friends.

An hour and a half later, here we are, finally settled in our rooms relishing past memories and preparing for exciting moments to come on these default Philippine Summer destination. The same shops and restaurants are still there. The sand is still powdery, the ambiance is still laid back and the opportunity to devour different kinds of food while sun bathing or hibernating in your airconditioned room remind you the good things in life. We walk the same paths. We see the same things, yet there's a calming and exciting effect to it.

I have to slap myself to realize that finally I'm on vacation.

Others ask me why I am surfing and blogging when I should have left my mini netbook at home and be disconnected to reality? But blogging in whatever form is relaxing. Blogging with a cool fruit shake, with a vast view of crystal blue waters, with powdery sand tickling your feet on a hot and beautiful day, is even better!

*First arrivals: Jane, SR Me and Mitch on Zestair's earliest flight.
Nikkon and Kat on Zestair's second flight. A shot enjoying a lechon kawali and salpicao breakfast at Smokes.

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