Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Transition from Vacation

Aside from packing and budgeting, transitioning is one of the worst parts of a vacation. It's the transition to reality from which you were forced to "vacate" in the first place.

In terms of going back to reality, I really don't mind diving into work again. I missed bits and parts of it on the third day. I missed the structure. I missed the schedule and I missed the small convenient things that I learned to love like fast internet, air conditioned hallways and constant shield from the sun. For some sick reason, I even missed the fast food chains near our office. Even if it is so, one cannot deny that the body and the mind can easily adjust to vacation unlike the other way around. Once the clogged up gray view is replaced by natural's green and blue hues the body responds by easing up. Once the pollution, smog and hurried noise are replaced by whispers of the wind, splashes of water, and laughter of people you meet who are already enjoying the good vibes, then before the senses try to analyze it, transition has gracefully taken place.

Now, imagine that the other way around. One word. Harder.

It has always been a challenge of mine to transition back to work from a very good vacation. It's bad enough that I missed out on meetings and emails, but my mind is always lagged at least until I can fully register that I'm back where I'm supposed to be, which takes an entire day of laziness. My room, the night before my flight, silently absorbed my excitement. Now, my room represents what it's always been. My simple sanctuary. Calm and the point where vacation always seems to start.

Call this another dramatic form of withdrawal. Rehabilitation from vacation is something that happens in the mind and sometimes I need all the help I can get. One full day of rest. One foot spa treatment, a dermatologist appointment and to regulate my sleep or diet. I even have to get my groove back with writing. Transition isn't something that is hurried, so what's the rush? I'm still enjoying letting go of something fantastic.

Bottomline, I didn't go to work. And the clincher is, I'm still sick from the very bad weather, which I will narrate on my next post.

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