Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fast and the Furious 4

I took a leave last Friday from work to arrange my books. It was a very known agenda and people who knew me know better not to bother me in those crucial times. In my case, it's no laughing matter. Half of my day was spent dusting and making sure that all the books listed in my old-school log book are there. True enough, by lunch I was already tired and extremely hungry. I decided to take a break, have lunch with my family in Makati and buy additional plastic covers as well.

During the afternoon, I went to Landmark to scout more additional resort wear. I still need to fully unwind. I bought about three rolls of plastic covers and quickly went to Powerbooks Greenbelt to pick up the book I ordered for my Boracay-reading. The specific book that I ordered was We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris. The first time I read this was at Fully Booked while waiting for Mitch. I read the first chapters and instantly fell in love with the humor and writing style. At that time, Mitch was already waiting for me outside as we were in a hurry to attend an event. I dropped the book and decided to come back for it the following weekend, but it was gone. They had to order stocks until I completely forgot about it. With the upcoming Boracay trip in sight, I need to bring a reliable book. Last year it was Haruki Murakami's Elephant Vanishes, now it's Joshua Ferris' We came to the End. I'm even more excited!

After buying the book, Mitch called me that the SV guys and girls are shopping in Glorietta. Soon, my dear friend Bags told me to catch up with them who were searching for swimsuits. I did go to Rustan's, had an opportunity to sit there and unwind as Mitch arrived.

The group decided to watch Fast and the Furious 4 that happens to be in its first weekend. Knowing Mitch, that is his kind of movie. I'm not much of a car fan myself. I wasn't planning to watch Fast and the Furious 4, but at that time I couldn't care less. I figured I liked the first movie enough anyways. I soon found out that this fourth installment would bring back the original cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster. Even so, I didn't nurse high expectations from it. Besides, it's the fourth installment. What other things do they have to offer to its viewers? I'm sure plot is not a major consideration here, but this movie will be all about action scenes and orgasmic car close ups for car enthusiasts.

The theater was jampacked to say the least. Everyone is on a Fast and the Furious hype. After the brilliant trailers, the movie's first scene already glued us on the "oil-highjack robbery" initiated by Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz played by the on-screen couple Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez. I say, what an intro! It posed great promises as the car chase scene and stunts were impressive. But of course it had to be over the top somehow with the car screeching, fire, air suspension and the twist and turns. The very muscular, appealing and all-business Dominic Toretto is driving with his gigantic biceps with his Tomb Raider, sexy lady love Letty Ortiz.

After the murder of a main cast, enters the law enforcers represented by the all-American Boy Brian O Connor, played by Paul Walker, who shares a special bond with Dominic Toretto and his sister, the hot Mia, played by Jordana Brewster. It's Fast and the Furious all over again with the same major cast, minor depth of plot, impressive and stuffed car chase scenes and totally new bad guys.

If you liked Fast and the Furious 1 then you'll definitely like the improved action sequences in this movie. You have to take note of the car chase scenes in the desert. All the cars forming a V-line with the scene shot on bird's eye view. It was like reliving Lord of the Rings scene where Arwen is chased by the Nazgul. Only you would have to replace the screeching of the Nazguls with the screeching of tires and engines, and the horses are replaced with mod muscle cars.

The plot centers on revenge while taking out the real bad guys. Do not expect it to be thorough. The plot isn't really what you paid for anyways. What you want is to be taken on a ride and that is what the movie does. For those who want to venture out of the ordinary, it would be a quick escape. For those who want to appreciate cars more, watching this may be a great opportunity to do so. And for those who have short attention spans and who are car enthusiasts to begin with, prepare to see cars being blown up and screech to oblivion. This movie does what it does best, take you in for a ride.

PS: I like Vin Diesel even in the first movie. But in this movie, I am infatuated. Well done.
And also that night, I dreamt of him playing Panthro in the much anticipated movie The Thundercats. I really hope he does.


caffeine head said...

no matter how many times they remake Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel's best work will always be Chronicles of Riddick

opinionatedbanana said...

Yeah. I keep getting that Chronicles of Riddick defined the real Vin Diesel. Now I'm super intrigued. I'll find a copy and watch it ASAP.

movillo said...

I just got chance to see the fast and furious on Sunday and it was pretty much a thrill ride, still not as good a movie as the origional but Justin Lin shooting style helped make the movie pretty watchable. PS. Thanks for hotlinking my image :P everyone seems to steal this one!