Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One more day

I'm done counting and raving. I can already smell the vacation come to me so I'm just going to sit and wait. One more day and I'll finally get my vacation.

This is not actually a dream vacation. It is a regular "thing" that I have with friends. The place is not new to me and more or less I know what to expect when I get there. I shouldn't even be this excited. But I badly need this vacation so much that I really couldn't care less where it will be. As long as I can sleep, eat and not think for modern man's trivialities on jobs, responsibilities and concerns, then I would be extremely happy.

For Boracay, I know it would be crowded. I might even bump into people I might know and be forced to engage in small talk. I've accepted the fact that Boracay is not so much as a quiet getaway. It's still loaded with people and loaded with activities. In fact, I like boracay for the very unusual reasons.

I just like the accessibility of food and the ability to just live like you don't have work, you don't have responsibilities, you don't have bills and you don't ever have to go back to Manila. My basic concerns comprise of "what to eat, what time to roam around and what time to wake up."

I can't wait to look at nature at its fullest and be away from buildings for a change. I want to read in a relaxing atmosphere with my favorite drink beside me. I want to spend time with my loved one and friends in a different location. Nightlife isn't even much of my concern, but it's hard to neglect that in Boracay. Might as well enjoy it with my friends only having to walk to the hotel to retire and no parents disapproving of the self-imposed curfew that lasts until breakfast time.

Also with my personality, I'm not much of a fan with crowds or large gathering, but in Boracay everyone seems to be on good vibes, like a drug or gas that is circulated in every lungs of those who walk on its prisra

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