Thursday, April 16, 2009

Then we Came to the End

Then we came to the end . This is not a hint to end this blog, but it is the title of my first summer vacation book. I've read excerpts of this book last year in Fully Booked Bonificio High Street while waiting for Mitch to arrive. I remember on that day I was not in the mood for waiting and walking. So, I entered Fully Booked to surround myself with my favorite comfort and distraction. Books. I clearly remembered this book was featured at the new releases section and I randomly grabbed it because the font and the color are intriguing. Not that post-its randomly dazzle me, but there's something about the title of course. Then I took a vacant seat. Call it a reader's or a woman's intuition, but I read the first chapter and began savoring the humor and words. I didn't realize I was actually waiting for someone as time easily passed by until unfortunately Mitch burst my reading bubble. We were in a hurry at that time so I vowed myself to purchase this book when the next opportunity comes, but when I did go back a couple of weeks later, this book was out of stock. With so many events and backlogs, this book completely skipped my mind.

A few months later and two weeks before my Boracay trip, I found myself in Powerbooks itching to find my Boracay Book. That material should be very interesting and preferably "lighter" than the usual ones I read. I want it to complement my vacation. I want a book that would humor me and that would share insights that I can easily relate to.

I was shifting from one aisle to another in Powerbooks Greenbelt and almost resigned to the fact that I should just search a book in my library, but with a glimpse of a second, the yellow covered book near the entrance took my attention. I made sure it was the same book in my mind by browsing through the first chapter. Same humor. Same book; and without any hesitations, I bought it.

For the past week I was itching to read it, but I reserved the book for looming Boracay vacation. When it was time to pack, I put the book in my bag first then came my pocket money. I began reading it from cover to cover on the plane and on the beach while my friends were busy doing their photo shoots.

I remember that exactly last year in Boracay I had fun with Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami, now this novel by Joshua Ferris has great promises as well. The first chapter, which is about dynamic people dealing with layoffs, is narrated and described in such a comic and real sense. It was not your typically happy start, but real enough for me to relate to. From then on, it's satire and wackiest moments that would leave you to confront your own office demons and laughing at that.

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