Saturday, April 11, 2009

Book Crossover Project: Phase 2 Update

Until I get this project finished, I would have to keep on posting updates as a reminder of my online progress. This might irritate some readers as it would definitely irritate me that's why I am overly motivated to finish this.

Apparently, my room is still like a minefield. Books are stacked in random orders. I have to zigzag my way towards the bed and be enveloped with floating dust while I sleep. At the doorstep, my room is an ugly sight to behold.

I initially planned to work this through after lunch until tonight, but certain plans came up. Mitch and I had a quick early dinner at Shakey's, which is miraculously open in Magallanes. We initially intended to just chill at Starbucks for a late afternoon coffee, but decided to have our usual mojo-pizza dinner instead. I also ordered for the same stuff at home to feed my online-gaming siblings as a form of sacrifice and goodwill.

After dinner we went home and I got a visit from Bags and Ian together with their aggressive but cutie Mini-pinscher named Deedee (Doggy Dee for short). I was excited to bring Harvey out because they will be each other's playmates. We prepared for a mini-ruckus as these two dogs are highly active and playful. Apparently, it wasn't a perfect timing at all. Deedee is in HEAT and Harvey has been lustful for the past couple of weeks. Their play turned into a "virginity threat" on Deedee leaving her stressed and more aggressive towards Harvey. A mini-pinscher and a JRT combination is not suitable for any audience therefore their tete-a-tete was cut short. Ian decided to bring Deedee home as some of our friends from the village stopped over.

We lasted until 11:30 in the evening as our group played or "fooled" Harvey as our last activity. Unfortunately, I had to close down our house from visitors and be the kill joy as I am because I have so any stuff waiting to be arranged in my room. I need progress at least before I sleep and I have to prioritize my responsibility as a book collector rather than as a host. So I technically, yet subtly kicked them out.

By 11:45 I'm back in my room and did some inventory for at least an hour. As expected, I wasn't able to put some books in the shelf yet. My eyes are leaving me to sleep. I just have to be in content with the 1/4 inventory I have achieved and deal with sleeping in dust and towers surrounding my bed. It's a punishment and a sacrifice at the same time.

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