Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cream Based Afternoon

After picking up my boyfriend's brother at the airport, together with his girlfriend and another couple, we all decided to have a simple "merienda" after. Since it was raining the whole afternoon, we decided to stop by the supermarket and buy ingredients for a carbo-tuna pasta dinner initiated by the frustrated chef Nikkon Villajuan, who is also my neighbor. After dropping them off at his house, I headed off towards the bank and had a quick appointment with my dermatologist. It seems my allergy's warming up again and my skin is in very bad condition.

I expected these two particular skin setbacks to happen to me during and after my Boracay trip. It never fails. For some reason, the sand particles and the saltwater would trigger some allergic reaction in my skin especially in my legs and face. For three years of going there, I've learned how to balance the sand and water exposures so as not to put my vacation in vain. It's pathetic when you see most of your friends swimming and enjoying the beach as if nature intended to, whereas I am always stuck in a beach mat struggling with my allergic medicines and playing a tug of war in my head. Despite the hassles and limitations, I've learned to manage this particular part in my life.

Although for my recent trip last week, a lot of new things happened that I am really grateful for. We did Island Hopping, Mitch and I at least maximized the entire day, we ate lots of seafoods, and we did one of those ATV tours. We were proactive and we were always under the sun. It explains the sunburn and some minor allergic reactions that I encountered, but it wasn't much of a big deal. It couldn't be helped. Enjoying my vacation is more important than bearable skin irritations. As the trip sailed in smoothly, I was also sure that my skin was adjusting to the new environment, the new water that I wash with my face, the humidity and everything else that have contributed to the slow itching, blemishing and blotching. I wasn't a bit surprised to have pimples appearing like a comeback in groups nor was I having a bitch fit when my skin was as rough and uneven as a rock. I knew that I couldn't do anything about it and the more I worried, the more I wouldn't have enjoyed my trip. Therefore, I avoided mirrors and just put sunblock to minimize the damage. I also know that my allergic reactions also needed some medical attention. I knew that as soon as I get settled in Manila, I will have my usual trip and medical routine with my dermatologist.

This afternoon, drenched and soaked, I went to my dermatologist and bought the usual wallet-whopping medications to treat my skin "unpleasantries." I bought an acne gel, kojic treatment soap, placenta cream, bleaching cream, steroid cream and anti-fungal cream. All the other creams anyone could think of. After that, I bought a sugarfree Mango Cream Cake to even out the bad vibes with good vibes from Red Ribbon.


Laura said...

is it possible that you suffer from rosacea?

opinionatedbanana said...

Thanks for taking note, but the doctor didn't mention anything about rosacea. What the doctor mentioned though was urticaria. But in terms of skin ailments, I agree that there is a thin line in everything. I could have been having rosacea if analyzing it one angle. It is quite possible.