Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eating ventures and Future plans

After finding out that Kris Allen won over Adam Lambert, I was slightly upset. I wanted to pamper myself by having a great lunch on that day; and instead I ended up having great dinners and lunches for the entire week.
  • I ate at Aveneto for lunch at Glorietta with my office mates
  • I ate at North Park with my office mates for dinner
  • I picked up Starbucks drinks in between
  • I had dinner with Mitch and his brother at Cafe Bola last Friday
  • I had dessert and coffee at Seattles Best also on Friday
  • I had a smashing breakfast of Siomai and Vanilla Cream crepe of Dessert Du Jour sold in Salcedo Market on Saturday morning
  • I had a stuffed lunch at Bubba Gump with Mitch last Saturday
  • I had a Starbucks breakfast this morning
  • Enjoyed a lunch invitation at Mitch's house (Fish Fillet and Sinigang)
  • Had a stuffed Teriyaki Boy dinner
  • Finished it off with a McDonald's Oreo Fudge Sundae
For the past couple of days I've been spending and spending for food like I don't have any other financial worries in the near future. I keep on eating and eating as if I was pregnant and I can literally feel my skin stretch sometimes that it itches.

I should really watch my diet. Aside from the fact that it's not healthy, I don't want to shop for bigger clothes. Well, I don't like to shop in general. So, I really have to watch out. I have an impending vacation in three days and god knows I want to wear something a swimsuit.

I hope reasons to stop eating would dawn on me sooner. No more parties for the mean time! And if I ever something upsets me I'd just have to suck it in. But then I again, after my trip to Camiguin this week, my relatives from Cebu will be visiting for that following week. I cannot let them find me in a grumpy situation. HO well, I guess correcting my diet would just have to wait.

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