Thursday, May 7, 2009

Then We came To the End

Many contemporary, young and modern writers have struck a goldmine into using daily issues that we often find to be toxic or mundane issues that have no potential. These select writers use those issues and roll it up into one entertaining reading material on the verge of becoming hilarious. I find it very amazing for writers to narrate relative modern issues and still come out effectively comedic. Office politics, exhibiting individual psychotic behaviors in specific modern life situations, is often something scientific or boring, but not if we could relate to it and laugh about it.

Then we came to the End is the perfect example written by a new bestseller writer Joshua Ferris. First read this in Fully Booked after work while waiting for someone, on a period that I was clueless of my professional standing. In about five minutes, I was instantly hooked. It didn't offer me words of advice, but it served me great comfort in reading about how individuals with flaws and all move about in an arena we all know so well and in the crisis we are globally experiencing. I even smiled at a couple of paragraphs discussing the perspective of an employee when it comes to layoffs. Personally, now is the ripe time to discuss these issues because almost all people could relate or try to relate to it. Office anxieties, politics, labeling and shenanigans are may be identical to what most of us are experiencing. It just varies in degree.

Boracay was more interesting because of this book. It saved me time and energy finding daily humor in a place I work for. I feel I'm more equipped in the daily routines and interactions with colleagues. I feel more comfort knowing that professionals in various industries are all at the same boat when it comes to life and figuring out work. In this book I realized that we are not perfect and situations could be shitty too. It just depends on how we would react to it while saving our dignity or whatever's left that we hold dear. Even though we all may come to the end, it's always nice to just laugh about it than kill ourselves trying to figure out how the end came into place.

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