Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Priceless Weekend.

Two days ago I possessed extra cash, maybe around three thousand worth that I should have diligently put away to help me pay my ballooning credit card bills. But yesterday it was just so hot and lazy that I wanted to do something productive. I wasn't feeling the gym and besides I can't drive with my expired license. But I didn't have work last Saturday, which is a rare occasion for this year. It would be a shame for me to just waste the day away surfing through Facebook and eating junk. So out of a five minute decision, I grabbed my two penniless siblings as we headed down south for a swim, good lunch and honest to goodness bonding.

Good thing, they also miraculously agreed with my idea or else I would just have to face the music and rot at home. Mitch was in a photo shoot.

I stay at the back. I cannot drive and I have a perfect excuse. My license is already expired.

My sister Karla is the designated driver. She's the type who'd rather drive than walk and commute, so that's just perfect for me. She is a fresh grad, but already experienced her first resignation after 2 months of suffering. A talented and flamboyant multimedia artist, she had had enough working for a low-ball, start-up creative company. Imagine, she was told by her loser of a boss to dress down because she looks like THE boss in client meetings. Being also a fresh grad, she was also tasked to deliver more than what a multimedia artist should do. She conceptualizes more than one project, works with editors, personally goes and interacts to clients and since she has a car to go to work, she was instructed to accomplish errands as far as Marikina until the wee hours in the morning. It was part of the job, she said. It's better than no experience at all. But one day she got terribly sick and the boss kept on texting her derogatory messages and slave driving her to accomplish a task that is not under her responsibility. I saw the texts and it was so unprofessional. She was pissed while telling me the story over a manicure and pedicure on a Friday night. She said that it was the last straw. She immediately resigned last Monday and is now waiting for job offers from other more reputable companies.

This is my brother JD undergoing the throngs of puberty. He just graduated elementary and come June he'll be officially in High School. He is still "enrolled" in his old school, but we wanted him to try out other institutions just because we were quite disappointed about the growing politics and grading system of his current school. He tried out in De La Salle Zobel, a totally different route from our usual Makati. They said it's hard to get accepted there. One has to know an influential alumni. But he said the test was easy, but the interview was tricky. He couldn't care less. He's a teenager after all.

We dropped by ATC to have lunch first and buy JD's goggles, which he would also use on Thursday on some trip with my parents. We ate at Pepper Lunch and came out happily bloated. The lunch and the goggles easily cost me 1,500 bucks.

When I was still in High School, we would always go to Southwoods Country Club even on school day weekends. Every summer, I bring my friends there. I think I also spent a birthday here once. It's nearer and it's spacious. But when I went there August last year with Mitch and his brother, and we were so disappointed. The place is not properly maintained anymore. It's clearly and slowly rotting. The pools then were so littered with leaves and still the dwindling staff expected us to swim in there. The locker rooms are not as luxurious as before. Thankfully now, it's improved, the pools at least. They've maintained it somehow and it's clean except for a few leaves. And club members are somehow swimming there again. It's still very far from it's glory days, but beggars can't be choosers.

After Southwoods, we headed back home on a detour in SM Bicutan. JD had to buy water gun and Karla and I are due for a manicure and pedicure session. My summer-colored nails are disintegrating. We went to David's where my sister is a regular. I chose scarlet red. And I also think I found my perfect brand in SAN SAN. Before going home, we bought some snacks.

All in all it was a relaxing, productive and peaceful day. As I realize in this year at least, I spend more time with my siblings whenever I have free days. We'd go to movies together and eat at sumptuous restaurants. My brother confessed that 2010 is his most sibling bonding and movie going year ever, which he likes.

We had fun, but unfortunately all my extra cash were gone in one day. Still I don't regret it. These are priceless moments for me. So right now, I'm just going to do the next best thing.

Have a steady Sunday by staying put and not spend anymore least for today.

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