Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy April...very soon

Sarah Dunant’s book, In the Company of the Courtesan, has been with me for almost three weeks now. My reading has become snail paced and unfocused recently. Like the primary reason before, work is the main culprit. Going to work on weekends, attending twilight meetings, delivering close to impossible demands and actually thinking of working for other company sucks the time and fun out. February and March are stressful and pitifully uneventful months for me. Thank god it’s already April. At least I have a looming vacation in one week.

I’m happy and anxious in a way that it’s finally April 1st. This means that the first quarter’s already done. Looking back, my first quarter is a transition to heavier work. I got promoted, but added more responsibilities under my belt. In this period, I realized a need to redefine and possibly shift work. And happily, I did something about it. Last February to March I was diligent, and now I’m just waiting for the results as soon as Holy Week’s over.

After all the shit and anxiety, I can still find the reason to be happy because I can smell my first summer vacation which happens next week. Though I'm not technically a fan of the beach and I've been to Boracay a couple of times already that excitement somehow diminishes, it's still a vacation that's badly needed right now. I can't wait to wear summer clothing there all day long, not specifically thinking about getting clean and all. I can't wait for relaxation and waking in a hotel room. Most importantly, I can't wait for good food. Breakfast at Real Coffee, Lunch at Dos Mestizos, Merienda at Cafe Del Sol or Jonah's, Coffee fix at Starbucks and buffet dinner at the numerous beachfront restaurants there with fresh seafood! Food clinches the deal.

After Boracay my April and May weekends are open. I am planning to go to one of the fine resorts in Batangas or just a quick spa trip to Tagaytay. Preferably a place where I would not overspend because come June, I'll be going to Bangkok. Yey!

But let's face it, I still have to go to work in less than two hours and it's a good friday. Jesus wouldn't be really happy right now. Work, again, has become impossible to bear lately. All I need to do is to hang on and pray that this will soon be over. I would also pray for forgiveness due to lack of spiritual bond.

After this working holy week, I can't wait to relax and swim. I also have to have to finish reading Sarah Dunant's book and prepare for my summer reading in Boracay. I've already made lists. But for tomorrow, I'm thinking of Spirals Buffet, Clash of the Titan's 3D movie, a kickass massage and a luxury accommodation at Sofitel. Thanks to my father, this will all be done. Life, as they say, is all about balance. And I can't wait to experience the good side.

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