Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post Vacation Drama

It's a dull day and I am struggling. I can't say I'm still surprised because I expected this. Instead of facing the music head on, I had to undergo a graceful transition. Truth is, I can't face work yet. Give me a couple of days, which I don't really have.

During vacation it's hard to think of something else besides food, sleep and relaxation. Anything boring is automatically pulled back, holding on to a thread of being forgotten forever. Work-related matters are not acceptable topics of discussion. In vacations, we don't have any grave responsibilities. We're only responsible for ourselves and mostly this covers comfort and sustenance and nothing more. We go back to being carefree and relaxed. The transition would always be effortless. I don't know if vacation has really any good, long-term effects on me knowing that I'd suffer after. After all these years, I'm still no expert in coping.

I would usually take a day off before I go to work. . I have to do basic things like drive and encounter traffic. I ease the daily stress slowly back into my life. I have to make use of the time to expose myself to dreadful children of reality like traffic, heat, office work, gadgets, emails and unwanted people. I have to ease the stress back in, which is the core of the struggle. I have to. I need to. We should experience sorrows and dread as equalizers to a blissful experience.

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