Sunday, April 18, 2010

I confess to a new me

When I went to Boracay with my friends last week, someone noticed a change in me. She pointed out that my nails are colored in pastel, to be specific hot pink and apple green. She was so surprised and ecstatic that she easily assumed that I've crossed the feminine side. Any hint of cosmetic and relatively normal feminine beauty indulges, is the destruction of my known reputation. It's Parlor or death. I blushed and tried to defend my new found artistic expression...err cosmetic fix. But I realized that there is no point of explaining. I didn't even think of denying it. I would accept it for what it is and so should my friends and family.

Here goes.

I confess that I like Manicure and Yeah yeah, I know I had nothing to do with my nails before. I just let them be. I didn't know exactly what a hangnail was and what to do with it.I always take out my own ingrown nail by hand until the side bleeds. I initially find it hard for strangers to touch or do anything aesthetic to me. When I go avail of their services, my instructions were always direct and endless. I'm sure they hated me. The only care I bestow upon my nails was borrowing a nail cutter from my brother from time to time or to actually visit my mom's manicurist when I had to go somewhere fancy.

Now, I like getting them cleaned twice a month. Actually I'm more interested with the nail polish. As expected, I would have always chose a natural color, but one day my sister nagged me to be courageous and I've never tried other colors before. So, I picked a velvety plum color, one of my favorite shades and I had it on for a week. I looked at my fingers all the time especially when typing. I always had that crazy urge to do something with my hands. After roughly one week and a half, I shifted to another color until some of my colleagues told me to stop and take a breather. Until of course I wanted a pastel candy like colors on my recent trip to Boracay. Now, I'm currently sporting a scarlet red shade.

And with that, I might as well confess that I like hanging out at Watsons now. Probably next to bookstores, there's groceries, then followed by Watsons or Rustans Body care. I specifically like to hang out at the body and hair care sections only. I still ignore the make-up and advanced beauty products sections because those really aren't my interest. It would take a gazillion years for me to be patient in applying an eyeshadow. Besides, I'm allergic to make-up unless it's Shiseido which costs a fortune.

Lastly, I now like to get massages and go to luxurious SPAs, which honestly tugs my food budget. I go to get a massage at least twice a month since February 2010. Personally, if I had all the money in the world, I think I'd go to luxurious spas out of town often.

Some of my friends would sue me for being a switcheroo. I know. Before, I used to condemn some of my colleagues who were constantly recruiting me to go to SPAs with them. Before I thought it was a waste of time and money. I ignored my dad's invitation to get a massage before. I realized, I missed out. I've joined the bandwagon a little bit late. My mom, who is not a fan of massages, asked me what made me cross the darker side? She never thought of me getting addicted to spas. Maybe she thought it was too much stress. I think she's right.

I am coming clean. I am confessing. I admit that I disliked or didn't pay much attention to these things before, but consider these as my newest discoveries and addiction. Blame it on work if you must since my weekends now are becoming extensions of my weekdays. I also don't spend as much fun time with friends and family anymore. I am so stressed that white hairs have made their presence known. Consider these regimens as options to eating out and reading. As long as the effects are good, then there is no harm to trying things out. As they say, don't knock it till you've really tried it.

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