Tuesday, April 13, 2010

News Marathon

Whenever I'm on a great vacation (escape), I only tend to think of three things:

Sleep, Food, Fun Activities

Other than that, my brain would automatically shut off.

I don't read the newspapers. I don't check my phones. I don't call home. If ever I would find myself online, I would be blogging about how wonderful my vacation is turning out, documenting every moment or looking at online gossip magazines. I don't clean up. I don't cook. Practically, I'm somewhere far far away from reality detaching myself from my sometimes-messed-up-life.

When I got home yesterday, I knew it would be a battle. I dreaded what's in front of me. I still dread the reminders of work. I dread Makati. I dread the usual people I work with during stressed times. I wish I could just go back and be a vacationer forever and start all over again, but that would be too romantic of me. That world doesn't exist.

To get back on track, I'd usually drive around the city to orient myself with bustling cars and road stress. I would get use to eating "home cooked food" which isn't really special in my household. I am forced to clean up because there are no room service and housekeeping anymore. I try to accomplish dreadful chores one step at a time. Then of course, I have to be online, check my Facebook, my emails and blog and most especially online news.

It's been four days since I haven't read any newspapers. I was never online; and whenever I watched TV, it was always veering towards HBO or Cartoon Network. If anyone would ask me about my opinion on what's on the news now, I'd be horrified with my lack of knowledge. In Boracay, a friend told me that that the Polish president died due to a plane crash in Russia. And as far as I can remember, I failed to properly react at that time, which means the information didn't fully register. It's scary how I can be automatically detached sometimes. Apparently news and vacation do not exist in the same world for me.

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